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    Line 100 Calls for the stars
    <?php echo tep_break_string(tep_output_string_protected($reviews['reviews_text']), 440, '-<br />') . ((strlen($reviews['reviews_text']) >= 500) ? '...' : '') . '<br /><br /><i>' . sprintf(TEXT_REVIEW_RATING, tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'stars_' . $reviews['reviews_rating'] . '.gif', sprintf(TEXT_OF_5_STARS, $reviews['reviews_rating'])), sprintf(TEXT_OF_5_STARS, $reviews['reviews_rating'])) . '</i>'; ?>
    Basically, it calls for tep_image(
    Then it goes into the image directory
    Looks for "stars_"
    The "." in PHP is just a connector
    So connected to "stars_" is $reviews['reviews_rating'] . gif
    Or in other words "stars_1.gif" if it is a 1 star review
    To change either change the image in the image folder, or create our own, and replace "stars_" with the replacement