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  1. LukeBanning

    Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment)

    Hi... I should feel ashamed. I totally overlooked it all the time... It was there, but I just didn't see it... Was already trying to code some stuff myself, until you gave this beautiful simple answer... Thanks a lot! Kind regards, Luke
  2. LukeBanning

    Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment)

    I took a look at it. Looks good. But on the other hand, everything works right now, The Free Product Checkout payment just needs to set the order status to 'Delivered' and that's it. I'm quite sure it's a very simple code, but I couldn't figure it out yet...
  3. LukeBanning

    Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment)

    Hello, This is a great, simple and effective add-on! Nevertheless, I got a, probably simple, question. I managed to set this all up, with various other payment methods as well. But, as it is a free download, I want to change the order status to Delivered immediately. This saves the administrator and customer a lot of time of course, because he doesn't need to change the status by him/herself. I already found the next lines of code, and I'm quite sure that this has to have some additional code, so that the order status will be changed. function after_process() { return false; } if someone can help me with it, I'd be very happy :) Thanks for the thoughts already! Luke