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  1. @14steve14 @DunWeb Hi, I had tried installing but not sure how to add the discounts to the product. I had checked with my client and she mentioned it will be fine to have the discount by just purchasing the same product. Meaning, buying the same product but with discount will be given depending on the quantity purchased. Any good module for it? Also, I am not very good with oscommerce since I just started, so I would prefer addons that allow me to just add the products in and set the quantity (in order to have discount) for the individual products. Regards, FT
  2. @@14steve14 @@DunWeb Thank you. I had tried quantity price breaks but not sure why, it doesn't work.I will try 'Better Together' and get back to you. Regards, FT
  3. Hi all, As the topic stated, I am currently looking for an add on that will charge customer at a lower price when he/she buy more than 1 product and the product can be same or different depending on my client. I had found http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=149054 but it charges differently for different customers while what I am looking for is the same charging method to all customers. Is there any such add on? P.S. I am currently using v2.3 Regards, FT
  4. Please ignore this, I went on and tried another codes.
  5. Hi All, I am currently using Scrolling Images Carousel with Hotlinks in Header for slider. (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3274/category,all/search,slideshow) May I know where do the slider retrieve the images from? Regards, FT
  6. Hi, is there anyone still using? I not very sure where is DISPLAY_SCROLLING_HEADER_PRODUCTS being declared. Any one there to help?
  7. fting

    News Feed/Events Add On

    Hi, any idea???
  8. Hi all, I am currently finding an add on that allows my client to add new events/announcements/news feed in. Basically it will just display in a normal webpage and will always update when my client add new events. Is there any such add on? I had tried finding online but it all seems too old. Any help is appreciated! Thank you! Regards, fting
  9. Sorry! I managed to change it, it seems that I replaced tep_draw_textarea_ckeditor wrongly (maybe added extra spaces or delete the echo word, didn't notice it until I re-uploaded information_form.php). source: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/378150-problem-with-information-pages-unlimited-for-os-231/#post_id_1664790 Post: #5 Regards, fting
  10. Hi, I am just wondering must I use CK editor for it to work? Regards, fting
  11. @@DunWeb Hi, thank you for your reply. I had went back and check my code but it is still the same. I am able to create the pages, the pages are being displayed in the website normally but it is just the content text which isn't working. Must I install ck editor for it to work? Regards, fting
  12. Hi all, I am currently using Information Pages addon by ocs1409. In the beginning there was fatal error in the text area side as I do not have CK editor installed. Hence, I just change the code into tep_draw_textarea_field(). After changing, the error disappeared and everything looks fine but the text area is disabled. Disabled as in, attribute disabled=disabled. Meaning that I am unable to type anything in it. I had attached a picture of it. Also, will it be possible to include those pages as a small part of the content? E.g. in index.php I wish to include the page as a part of the content Any form of help is appreciated! Thank you! Regards, fting