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  1. devpower

    Include shipping cost in VAT calculation.

    @@Chris. I have done as you said. Now confirmation display is correct. but when process the payment, shipping cost is not included. I have printed $order object. it's shows tax without shipping cost. Not only shipping, i need to include the paypal fees also. So, Can you tell me where to change the code? I have changed in classs/order_total.php file. But it affects the confirmation page display. Thanks.
  2. Friends, I have a problem. i need to include the shipping cost in tax calculation. my checkout confirmation page as below; 1. sub total: $40 2. shipping cost ; $8 3. Vat 20% : $8 (wrong. it should be $9.6) 4. total : $56 i tried to change the order_total.php file in modules/classes folder. Can anyone help to fix this issue? Thanks.
  3. Hi Friends, I have installed UPS shipping Add-on from: http://addons.oscommerce.com/files/UPSXML_v1_3_91.zip I want to install international UPS. Is this add-on support international UPS?. If not, can anyone please tell me how to convert this add-on to international UPS? Thanks Kumar
  4. Hi friends, I have to integrate stamps.com API into my client site. I have downloaded file from their site. I couldn't find the instruction like other add-on. Can anyone help to integrate stamps.com? I need to show the order status in my client site not in stamps.com. Thanks.