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  1. I have now added two themes to the addons area burgundy_red and default_redmond. I have included a pdf file with links to installation document in english and swedish. Here is the english installation document: http://shopwebshop.eu/osc_shop/free_products/Installation_of_jquery_themes_in_osCommerce_234_en.pdf The document also describes how to roll your own theme and install it in your webshop. Please report any errors to me. Regards, Bertil bertil.palmqvist@bpdata.se
  2. BertilPalmqvist

    Norwegian language

    Hi Savikaran, Note, the language packs are for standard release of osCommerce 2.3.4. The responsive version have several new files which have to be copied from the english directory and added and translated to the norwegian directory. If you didn't manage to install and activate the norwegian language pack, please see detailed installation instruction in the following link: http://shopwebshop.eu/osc_shop/free_products/Installation_of_language_pack_in_osCommerce_234_en_ver2.pdf Regards, Bertil
  3. BertilPalmqvist

    Problem installing Dutch language pack

    Chris H, I've tried a multilingual web shop with 24 different languages ​​and 12 different currencies, shopwebshop.eu ,it works great. The integrated control of the language from the browser language setting does not work though, but it can be fixed by having a front page that sets the correct language from the browser language setting. like this for switching between english and swedish language depending on browser language setting: --- <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function start() { document.write ("Your browser languagecode is = "); document.write (languageinfo.substr(0,2)); setTimeout( "end();", 500); } var langcodes=new Array( "en", "sv", "default") var langredirects=new Array( "/osc_shop/catalog/index.php?language=en", "/osc_shop/catalog/index.php?language=sv", "/osc_shop/catalog/index.php?language=en") var languageinfo=navigator.language? navigator.language : navigator.userLanguage var gotodefault=1 function redirectpage(dest){ if (window.location.replace) window.location.replace(dest) else window.location=dest } function end() { for (i=0;i<langcodes.length-1;i++){ if (languageinfo.substr(0,2)==langcodes){ redirectpage(langredirects) gotodefault=0 break } } if (gotodefault) redirectpage(langredirects[langcodes.length-1]) } //--> </script> ---- To test the different languages ​​you can click on the flags in the right column, or better yet surf to the page with the Opera browser in which you can set the language without having to restart the browser. I think that the best is to start with the original osCommerce 2.3.3 installation without any changes, because if you change a lot You are on your own, and can't get any help. So the original installation root directory is "catalog". My suggestion is don't change that. /Bertil
  4. BertilPalmqvist

    Problem installing Dutch language pack

    Hi Marieke, I see that your webshop is installed not in the root of your website but in a subdirectory called winkel. You probably copied the catalog folder from the language pack to the root of your website, thats why nothing worked. If so, you can delete this catalog folder. In the right pane of Filezilla you have to first klick into the catalog winkel, and thereafter do the copy of the "catalog" folder from the language pack according to instructions in the README file. If you have any additional questions on howto get your webshop up and running, please e-mail me at info@shopwebshop.eu /Bertil
  5. BertilPalmqvist

    Problem installing Dutch language pack

    Hi, Did You upload the Language Pack from the file oscommerce-233-full-dutch-language-pack-ver-2.zip which I contributed to the addons area the 5th of may? If not try that language pack. In the README.pdf file I clearly state that the directory structure contained in the catalog directory is to be copied to the webshop, and then all directories and files in the admin and include directories are copied to their rigt places. I looked at your webshop and see that you are missing a lot of text definitions. That indicates a lot of files are missing in the folder /catalog/include/languages/dutch/ . You can fix it by copying via Filezilla the catalog/includes/languages/dutch/ and catalog/includes/languages/dutch.php to the webshops folder catalog/includes/languages . And for the Administrator part copy catalog/admin/includes/languages/dutch/ and catalog/admin/includes/languages/dutch.php to the webshops folder catalog/admin/includes/languages/ . Then You have to edit the product descriptions for the new dutch language as administrator in Catalog -> Categories/Products , and klick on each product and klick edit. There you have a description text field for each language. If you only would have the dutch language, you can delete the english language in Localization -> Languages. /Bertil
  6. BertilPalmqvist

    Polish language in 2.3.3

    Hi all, I have uploaded to the addons area a full polish language pack for osCommerce 2.3.3 in utf-8 encoding. Try the package and let me know what you think about it. Report errors or defects to me and I'll fix it. My e-mail address is bertil.palmqvist@bpdata.se /Bertil.
  7. BertilPalmqvist

    Dutch Language packs

    Well. I added the dutch and swedish language packs to the addon area here! Please those with native languages swedish and dutch have a look at the respective language pack. Notify me if you find any serious errors! /Bertil
  8. BertilPalmqvist

    Dutch Language packs

    I want someone with dutch as native language have a look at it first, because I don't speak dutch, and it is not so good to upload a language pack with too many translation errors. Please anyone good at dutch email me at info@shopwebshop.eu /Bertil
  9. BertilPalmqvist

    Greek languange package password reset error

    Hi all, Provided there is an osCommerce 2.3.3 installation, I have seen the same errors in other language packs. You must look at the English language files and compare with the greek file /catalog/includes/languages​​/greek/password_forgotten.php and change it accordingly, and add a new file password_reset.php file in the same directory. Copy the file from the English directory and translate the English phrases into Greek. Compare files with the English so that all definitions are included. /Bertil
  10. BertilPalmqvist

    Dutch Language packs

    Hi all, I have prepared a dutch language pack for osCommerce 2.3.3 in UTF-8 encoding. Email me at info@shopwebshop.eu for a link to the package on my free download section in my webshop. The zip file contains a detailed installation instructions. / Bertil
  11. Poor or no language packs for osCommerce 2.3.3 I am now working to set up a multi-language web shop, which will cover the most common 24 languages in Europe. When I'm looking for language packs on http://addons.oscommerce.com/category/Languages ,I can not find many. I then tried to start from 2.2 or 2.3.1 packages and convert to utf-8 and translate some parts myself and add missing files. It is a time consuming and tedious work. I need help from members of this forum, who are native to certain languages, to check my translations and perhaps help to finalize any language packs so they can published as addon. If anyone is interested please email me at info@shopwebshop.eu I have completed the following languages so far: swedish (my native language), norwegian, dutch, german, italian and spanish. / Bertil
  12. BertilPalmqvist

    Polish language in 2.3.3

    Hi Miroslaw, I have implemented a polish language pack for oscommerce 2.3.3 with character coding in UTF-8. You can have a look at the customer interface in my webshop: shopwebshop.eu/ The admin interface is not completed, so it is partly in english. If you want to try it, I can put it in my webshop for free download. Please let me know! /Bertil