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    Danish in v2.3.4

    Hi there. I've just installed v2.3.4 and added Danish language pack for 2.3.1 and Danish upgrade language for 2.3.2 All seems to be working, excpet the checkout. I'm recieving the following error on that page : MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_HEADING_RETURNING_CUSTOMER MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_TEXT_RETURNING_CUSTOMER E-Mail Adresse: Password: MODULE_CONTENT_LOGIN_TEXT_PASSWORD_FORGOTTEN can anyone guide me, to what file i need to edit, or replace from English, to avoid this error ? Thanks in advance
  2. Plop

    Danish in v2.3.4

    figured it out my sefl. Now I have 2.3.4 in Danish :D
  3. Is it posible to have one Price for packages from 0 to 1 kg, 1 to 5 kg, 5 to 10 kg and 10 to 20 kg, and the have the option to add Insurance (extra fee) to each package ?
  4. I'll like to test the module to, and I offer to translate to Danish