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  1. Killerdealsmarketing

    Bulk email coupon

    Thanks for the reply Chris, I will give it a shot. Renier
  2. Killerdealsmarketing

    Bulk email coupon

    Hi, I am looking to get a module for vouchers. We currently have a voucher module, but it is limiting. I can only create a voucher with a specific number which only one client can use. I would like a voucher system where it allows a customer to get x-amount or percentage discount. Only to be used once per customer. But I don't want to manually create thousands of vouchers. I need to be able to send one voucher to our customer database so that they can all use it, but only once per each customer. Any ideas ? Thanks Renier
  3. Killerdealsmarketing

    Category Top Banner

    Thank you Websource. I will try that today. Renier
  4. Killerdealsmarketing

    Category Top Banner

    Hi everyone, I need a little advice please. I am looking for a way to add a banner or graphic to a specific category page. I have done this on the index page which works fine, and I also have the banner box manager module for banners on either side of the shop. But I seem to be unable to find something for this specific need. Unlike the index file, these "category HTML" pages are not available in the FTP root for editing. I am calling it a banner, but it could actually just be a place holder for a graphic of some sort. Please have a look at the two images below (or attached). The one indicates where I would like to have the option to add a banner (in purple). I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Renier http://www.killerdeals.co.za//download/other/Untitled-1.jpg[/img] http://www.killerdeals.co.za//download/other/Untitled-2.jpg[/img]