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    alexman reacted to joli1811 in standard payment versus express checkout   
    Hi Alex,
    Normally you do not need an account anymore to pay with paypal with either of the x 2 paypal options.
    You actually never did just PayPal hid the option on the login screen to gain more registered users.
    I do believe though that this is country specific with probably Europe and USA being ok but maybe problems with other country's.
    As regards PayPal (including Credit and Debit Cards) Yes noticed myself should read PayPal express this can be changed in language folder.
    Regards Joli
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    alexman got a reaction from joli1811 in propose for a permanent post on top of this subfroum   
    I supposed that there are diferences between add ons and each has their features.To some of you like some add on.These answers were enough for me to make an opinion about that and not to looks for days in all the add ons.
    Thank you told me that Paypal standard is one of the best.
    Now I have the ideea more cleary:Mayby we can put at the top of this subforum a small survey,where we can vote for each payment module and from this everybody can see which are the best add on (built and useful).