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  1. HelloSweetie

    Zones and shipping.

    Sems to have settled down nicely now, thanks!
  2. HelloSweetie

    Only show shipping for correct country?

    Think that part is now sorted.
  3. HelloSweetie

    Zones and shipping.

    Did that, thanks. It's now letting me add stuff to the cart but won't keep me signed in, and drops cart contents when I go to another screen.
  4. HelloSweetie

    Zones and shipping.

    Beating my head on my desk here.... I'm not a coder, I'm patchily self taught, aware of the fact I'm on a very steep learning curve, and willing to listen and try - but might need step by step walk throughs.... I'm trying to get my cart to be able to calculate shipping based on 3 zones - UK/GB, EU and Rest of the World. I used this to get the zones: http://www.theukwaltons.co.uk/how-set-delivery-zones-p-73.html And set up shipping rates on the table in the Zone Rates module. Now the shop won't let me add a product to my cart? Confused..... Sarah The shop is here: http://osierpublishing.co.uk/inspired/index.php Just one product there at the moment for testing.
  5. HelloSweetie

    Only show shipping for correct country?

    Hi Folks! I'm new to OSC - well, kinda mostly new.... I used it once, years ago but someone else set it all up for me so I'm a total newb at the set up and installation part. I'm struggling with shipping rates. The store is UK based and I want to have 3 zones - UK, Europe and Everywhere else, with tabled by weight shipping calculated for each. Does that make sense? So, I figured "Zone rates" would work? But, after installing the module I seem to only have a single "Zone" to play with? I've clearly missed something. Can anyone walk me through what to do? I can make the Table rate work once I sort the zones out. Thanks, Sarah