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  1. After a ridiculous quote from one of Oscommerce’s partner developers I was contacted by Rainer. I was a little dubious about allowing someone unknown from another country into our system but he did a fantastic job. Communication was great and the turnaround was more than three times that of the aforementioned partner quote and it was less than a third of the price. A+
  2. Come on, it can't be that difficult surely?
  3. p.s. I'v noticed that my products don't appear when I select the 'Free Shipping' filter on Google Shopping despite the fact I have shipping set to 00.00. Any ideas?
  4. With the Google Base / Feeder plugin is there an easy way to export to add the MPN’s and Google Product Categories to my data file? Currently the MPN’s are in the title of the products in my store and I don’t know how to add the official Google taxonomy from to my listings. Please help! p.s. This is the site