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  1. coolfly027

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi, idk if this will help anyone, but I've been having the same problem too with items sorting in weird orders for a couple of years now with different versions of this contribution. I installed the current ajax a.m. version (2.8.14) correctly on osc 2.3.4 but the 123 or abc sorts don't do anything. I seem to recall 'sort arrows' or something on previous versions that are not there now? Just as well you got rid of them, they never worked either!! haha But like Pacific101 said, sometimes the order just seems very random and the only other few contributions I have installed now (and used previously) on a vanilla store are current versions of discount coupon codes, SEO URL's, SEO header tags,and Google Sitemaps...not sure if one of them could be a culprit... Anyway, I found this really old post (link below) with a slight change to product_info.php that works great for me..it sorts first by price level (lowest to high), then by the order the option was added if the price is the same (good for colors). For me, it's nice because my attributes are 'upgrade parts' that cost more money, so I need for the first one that is automatically selected to be what comes standard with the product (usually $0...customers can take it the wrong way if they think I'm purposely trying to make them spend more money by sneaking in upgrades). Hope it helps! http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/123629-sorting-attributes/
  2. coolfly027

    Header Tags SEO

    Jack, thanks for the response! The real problem is I need to win the lottery so I can pay somebody else to worry about this stuff and I can go to Hawaii!!! So far I've been fortunate with the addons that everything else has worked with little tweaking. I guess I'm going to do all my site updates, backup everything, and see if I can come up with something creative for this issue during off hours. I'd like to keep it all on one db for now as my plan is to uniform everything later (and won't have a need for multiple shops). Thanks again!
  3. coolfly027

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi, not sure if this has been covered in this thread but it's kind of a difficult thing to search for and 360+ pages, so sorry if so! I have 2 OSC installations, my original shop "OSC1", then when I expanded to another city, I created a secondary shop "OSC2" with an addon domain copying the same folders/files, changing the configs for OSC2 appropriately, BUT linked to the same DB as OSC1. The reason for this is that the new shop has a different domain, company name, logo but everything else about the shops, including template/inventory is identical. The structure is: public_html/OSC1/OSC2 OSC2 doesn't have an admin side, just a catalog, OSC1's admin controls everything for both shops. Here lies my problem with Header Tags...it can't distinguish between the 2 different sites, so right now, both sites have my original headers for OSC1. Any changes apply to both sites. I'm wondering if there is a simple "if" statement I can make that will allow the contribution to recognize the OSC2 pages (domain) as different?? The only other conceivable way I can think of doing this is to basically do a windows grep on OSC2 for everything that says "Header Tags" or "header_tags..." and rename to "Header Tags002" (including the sql)..basically making a separate mod, THEN have to add to the OSC1 admin side files......but this seems really risky (I'll back up everything of course). Any ideas or suggestions?? edit: sorry, HT V3.2.5 on OSC 2.3.1 (soon to be updated)