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    I am currently learning OSCommerce, PHP, HTML and CSS and am willing to trade help and advice from web developers for the range of marketing and promotional skills and resources I have to offer.

    I'm an experienced business manager, award winning academic and internationally published psychologist, currently working as the Business Development Coordinator for the UK National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education. I help entrepreneurship and support businesses all around the world through teaching enterprise skills, such as sales, marketing, advertising, social media and all aspects of building and running your own business.

    I have a PhD in psychology, business management and the built environment, and a 1st class honours degree in psychology, with an extensive global publications list including book chapters, international journal papers and conference proceedings. My academic and enterprise achievements have been recognised with a number of awards, including the British Psychological Society Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement, the Business and Finance Award presented by P.Q. Magazine, and the T.D. Lewis Scholarship for Excellence presented by the University of Northampton.

    I am also a founding member of an art organisation. I have hosted many exhibitions and events for artists, including producing the publicity material for these events, which have received excellent reviews in the media.
  1. MaceBiz

    Shipping in cart

    Thanks, yes that did help, I think I have it all working now. Does anybody know how to change the dropdown menu to show a specific country as the default? I have managed to achieve this for the other dropdown menus on my site by editing the includes/functions/html_output.php From this: function tep_get_country_list($name, $selected = '', $parameters = '') { $countries_array = array(array('id' => '', 'text' => PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT)); To this: function tep_get_country_list($name, $selected = '222', $parameters = '') { $countries_array = array(array('id' => '222', 'text' => 'United Kingdom')); But it didn't affect this one?
  2. MaceBiz

    ajax one page guest checkout

    I am not a developer, but I believe that: If you have OSC installed in your public_html root directory then you should create the new folders there. If you installed OSC into public_html/catalog then you create the new folders there.
  3. MaceBiz

    Shipping in cart

    Are there any pre-requisites for using this contrib? For example, when users select their country and mode of transport, where does it get the costs from? Do I firstly have to set up shipping zone rates to specifiy this? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm very new to all this.