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  1. Problem solved. Log_error should be turned off in php.ini. Thank you for trying to help. Good luck with solving your problem with the price break.
  2. @@geoffreywalton: Thank you for taking the time to help me solve the problem. My setting for Page_parse_time was false. But that also gave me the idea to turn off the Log_Error in php.ini and now it WORKS!!!! THANK YOU!!! :D Really happy and relieved now. Have a good day!
  3. @@puddlec: Thank you very much for giving me information on your settings. I just changed those setting but it didn't seem to change anything. I guess it is some other problem.
  4. Still having problems and couldn't find out what's wrong. Even though there is no error showing in the admin panel, I found the error log which said that I have page_parse_time error as below:. PHP Warning: error_log(/var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log) [<a href='function.error-log'>function.error-log</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/bosoraweb119/b2227/******/admin/includes/classes/logger.php on line 49 PHP Warning: error_log(/var/log/www/tep/page_parse_time.log) [<a href='function.error-log'>function.error-log</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /hermes/bosoraweb119/b2227******/admin/includes/classes/log Searching through the forum, I only found 1 person had this error but sounds like a different problem that caused this error. Does anyone have experiences with this and can point me toward the right direction? Another thing is that I noticed a lot of people have the register_global off, is it suppose to be off for this to work? I've been changing the Configuration variables in easypopulate.php but not much help. Below is my setting. If anyone can show me their working setting, that would be very helpful. Please kindly help!!! Thanks! EP Documentation Settings & Info EP vers: 2.8-231 osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 OS: Array HTTP: DB: PHP: Array (Zend: ) Temp Directory: /home/users/web/b2227/********/temp/ Temp Dir is Writable Magic Quotes is: off register_globals is: on Split files on: 12 records Model Num Size: 12 Price with tax: false Calc Precision: 2 Replace quotes: true Field seperator: comma Excel safe output: true Preserve tab/cr/lf: true Category depth: 7 Enable attributes: false SEF Froogle URLS: false Other Support: MVS Support: false Products Images: true Additional Images: false Additional Images: false More Pics: false UltraPics Pics: false HTC: false SPPC: false Extra Fields: false PDF Upload: false Master Products: false Please see the manual in this contribution's package for help in changing these settings.
  5. I found out what was wrong but the problem didn't totally got resolved yet. I can only upload and insert a max of 14 products at a time. I can split the files into the temp directory and then upload from there. It is okay for now but that's not really ideal for the future. Don't want to have to upload hundreds of times when I have thousands of products. My current setting in the php.ini is as follows: memory_limit = 64m upload_max_filesize = 10M post_max_size = 64M max_execution_time = 300 max_input_time = 1200 session.gc_maxlifetime = 2440 I thought I've raised the limits pretty high already and the file that I was trying to upload is just 16KB, but it still didn't work. I went through the "configuration variables" in easypopulate.php and tried a combinations of setting but it didn't really help. Any suggestions or ideas that I can try? Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Hi, I am new to the Oscommerce community. I just installed the easy populate v 2.8 last updated by Puddlec. Thank you and previous contributors for your contributions. It was great seeing easy populate add all new products in one shot. However, I encountered a few problems when I "insert to db" using the "update" or "normal" mode. It just ran on forever and finally got timed out. Seems like I can add new product smoothly but not when I want to update. Also when I click on the "create and download" a complete .csv file, It also kept running forever and finally got timed out. And my store is new so I don't have that many products in the database yet. But I have changed the php.ini anyway to set larger file size limit, higher max memory limits, etc as suggested for a large store but that didn't change anything. Could someone please help me pinpoint the problem and what I can do to resolve the problem? I appreciate your help and time. BTW, I am using version 2.3.3 oscommerce. The code that adds a link in the Admin panel didn't work. I had to define the filename in the filename.php in admin/include and also the name of "Easy Populate" in english.php in admin/include/languages, then had to change accordingly in the catalog.php file. Just want to point it out in case someone else might encounter this problem.