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  1. mrjohntwoods

    Shipping tax not shown separately

    @@DunWeb I totally agree with you and am fairly certain there is not much to the setup... but can't grasp why it will not show... I have a tax class and tax rate that apply, and the math is correct in adding 10% to the shipping cost but it is still coming through to the invoice in one line item. See image here of my output based on: $1.00 product plus 10% GST = $1.10 (all good) $0.10 Table Rate plus 10% GST = $0.11 (all good but not showing the $0.01 tax on its own just the toal of $0.11) Products Model Tax Price (ex) Price (inc) Total (ex) Total (inc) 1 x test product 10% $1.00 $1.10 $1.00 $1.10 Table Rate (Best Way): $0.11 Sub-Total: $1.10 GST: $0.11 Total: $1.21
  2. mrjohntwoods

    Shipping tax not shown separately

    Hi Chris No luck there, this is what I have done and it is calculating and applying the tax correctly but it is not showing the individual amounts on separate lines. Just "Shipping" total inclusive of tax. John
  3. mrjohntwoods

    Shipping tax not shown separately

    There must be a solution out there somewhere... I have searched and searched but not quite finding it. I would not believe that every Australian user who does happen to be registered for GST (not requid under $75k turnover) is breaching tax code by not disclosing the actual GST amount charged in the sale and has done nothing about it!
  4. Hi everyone. I have spent about a week trying to sort this out to no avail. I'm in Australia and need to charge GST on shipping costs from my store. I have set up table rate shipping and linked tax class to Taxable Goods (set up in my store to be 10% for GST). The tax calculation works fine and in order totals at checkout the amount is correct. Problem is it is just a lump sum of shipping plus tax. I need to show the amounts seperate, just as it appears for products with tax. No matter what combination of order I use for the modules in Order Total, I ALWAYS end up with output like this: Items cost (ex tax) Subtotal (ex tax) Tax amount (only on items) Shipping (inc tax) TOTAL (inc tax) I need: Items cost (ex tax) Shipping (ex tax) Subtotal (ex tax) Tax amount (items and shipping) TOTAL (inc tax) Does anyone have some advice on where to start trying to fix this? Order of modules within Order Total has had no impact. Thanks in advance John