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  1. I kinda know what I'm doing with osCommerce, I am having issues getting FWRMedia Seo Urls 5 working on godaddy. I think that godaddy has some "incompatibility" somewhere which I am in the process of tracking down.


    Hi burt,


    I am having the same problem with GODADDY server. The SEO Urls were working fine on my previous server but since when I have migrated my website to the GODADDY, the category and product pages are giving me errors, blank page and saying "No input file specified"


    Please let me know if you have find a solution for this,,,

    It will be a great help!!!


    Thanks in Advance...

  2. HI Robert,


    I have a serious problem with seo urls,

    the contribution was working perfect on my previous hosting server, but since when I migrated my website to GODADDy.com, the category pages are blank and it says "No input file specified." when I change Configuration>Seo Url 5>Choose uri formate to "rewrite" then I get 404 error.


    I am really in serious trouble please Help!!