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  1. Does anyone know why my bill address and shipping address's are missing from my order emails? Would really appreciate any help !! they look like this>>>> Shirts. ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 190 Date Ordered: Thursday 16 May, 2013 Products ------------------------------------------------------ 3 x Green Shirts (018) = $50.85 Type MENS Shirt Size X LARGE Shirt & Graphic Color BLACK Shirt With White Graphic ------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $50.85 Quantity Discount: -$10.00 Total: $40.85 Delivery Address ------------------------------------------------------ Billing Address ------------------------------------------------------ Payment Method ------------------------------------------------------ PayPal Website Payments Standard
  2. @@geokar1100 Did you ever figure out how to pass the correct discounted total to Paypal? I am having the same issue and have scoured the web looking for an answer?
  3. Does anyone know which file send the total order to Paypal Standard? My discount is not being carried through to Paypal (or Authorize.net for that matter). I would like to edit that file to send the total (not the subtotal) to Paypal. I really don't care about things being itemized in Paypal.
  4. Or have the file send the total not the subtotal to Paypal/Authorize.
  5. That doesn't work. I doesn't matter which order I put them in it still shows the subtotal as an amount before discounts. Which file actually send the total to Authorize/Paypal? I was thinking I could go in there and edit the code to deduct the discounts when calculating the sub-total.
  6. Ok, do you mean in ot_total.php ? If not which one ?? Thank You For Your Help !! ps..If this helps me fix the problem do you have a paypal account so i can send you a "Tip"
  7. Chris, Thank You for your response !! I have seen people say to discount before subtotal in other parts of the forum, however, I don't know how/where to do this. Can you explain? I believe I'm using v2.3.1 is that bad?? If so how hard is it to upgrade?
  8. I need help with my quantity discount module, please !! I have installed the Quantity Discount Module and everything seems to be working fine on my site (ie..the discount shows perfectly) However, when my customer clicks process payment button the order total in Paypal Standard or Authorize.net (which ever they choose) does not reflect the discounted amount. It tried to charge the total amount before the discounts (in other words the discount is not being carried over to paypal or authorize). I really don't mind (although it would be nice) if the paypal order is not itemized. I just want the correct total to show. Background...I am not an oscommerce expert by any means. I have now been burned twice by programmers that said they can fix this and here I am. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP? (besides paying "that software guy" $200 to fix this) Not sure if it matters I believe I am running Oscommerce v2.3.1 (Paypal Standard)