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    films, music, Facebooking and free Oscommerce modules!
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  1. Dazza1610

    Header Tags SEO

    Hi Jack I hope you are well mate, I need to disable the Header tags, (only the meta title, description and keywords) as I would like to use another contribution, how can this be done easily? Cheers
  2. Dazza1610

    Header Status Handler

    Yes Yes Yes!! I have this exact problem on my site Jack!!!
  3. Dazza1610

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @ Hi Jack I have done a search but it shows a page full of contributions! I'm not sure which one is the one I need?
  4. Dazza1610

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Jack, can you post a link to this? My site is also producing the original url and not SEO URL which i'd like to get working, I also have SEO URL 5 installed. Thanks!
  5. Dazza1610

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Thanks a lot Jack.. Now i'll have some fun trying to install them over my old ones..
  6. Dazza1610

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Does anyone know if this package will work for stores that have over 90,000 products? Will it split the files up into 50,000 ? Thanks
  7. Dazza1610

    Feedback for raiwa

    Rainer has give me some great support with his Sitemap Generator extension, it works like a charm and he is very helpful. Highly recommended.
  8. Dazza1610

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hi there I have SEO URLS 5 installed and working fine, but my store has over 650000 products, so I need this to be split into another file once it reaches the 50000 limit, for example the first file would be called sitemapProducts.xml (with 50000 products) and the next fiel would be called something like sitemapProducts2.xml with the remaining products. Thanks in advance.
  9. Would like to get a few modules working today.

  10. Dazza1610

    [Addon} Modular SEO Header Tags

    Hi There I was wondering if there was an optimum configuration for this? I mean as in what should be turned on or off to get teh best results, I understand the Keywords meta tag is pretty pointless as engines no longer use them so this would be turned off, could someone point me in the right direction as to what should be on or off? Also, is there an optimum sort order? ie in which would be the best order to have the meta tags in?: for example: <title>HP B0F44ET#ABU HP DC8300 USDT PC/i5-3470S CPU/500GB/4GB GB) RAM/Microsoft Win 7 Edition 64bit</title> <meta name="description" content="HP B0F44ET#ABU HP DC8300 USDT PC/i5-3470S CPU/500GB/4GB GB) RAM/Microsoft Win 7 Edition 64bit/> Thanks for any replies..