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  1. Hello!! i download the lasted greek langauge pack from 2011 and i was fixing it..i got all the messages ok but i had this problem on the way...that is what i get when i hit the link in my e-mail to get a new password. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/90/70079668.jpg/ if anyone want to know what it says jut tell me and i will translate it!
  2. spyros889

    Cash on deliver for 2.3

    hello!! i new in oscommerce and i need some help! i making an e-shop and i wonder if someone can suggest a module about cash on deliver (version 2.3) i tryed cash on deliver free but i had some errors and the modules are so many!! thanks for the help!! :)
  3. spyros889

    Editing a template

    @@DunWeb Hello dunweb thanks for the quick reply!Before i start surgery in jquerys code i wanted to ask something! im using v2.3.3, i was searching the forum and i found a post with the http://jqueryui.com i tryed it in the default teplate and it worked with the exeption that the background wasn't working(hell my english sucks) now as u see im using another template in my shop...so im asking is gonna work? the site is using (ui) jquery 1.8.6 and the themes from this builder are using jquery 1.10.css!(ofc i will change the path if they are working)!
  4. spyros889

    Editing a template

    Good morning people! i could use some help in the editing of a template my e-shop is this http://pharmacy-home.gr/catalog/ yesterday i was trying the change the orange color of the store (that include the color of the jquery buttons) in css without success..i used the code view that google chrome has...i found the image and the color the system using...i change them but nothing happens(all that in a safe xampp ofc) can someone help? thanks :)
  5. spyros889

    Cash on deliver for 2.3

    @@DunWeb thanks my friend and sry but im total new!! :)