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    Product images too close to description text

    Oh, thanks for that suggestion Matt, but I am not sure how I should go about uploading the files you have specified. I installed OSCommerce 2.3 using a One-click-install service given by my webhosting provider, and as far as I know, I have uploaded all of the files associated with the template that I downloaded....
  2. I have recently installed oscommerce on my website and am trying to get an online store started. marysdowry.co.uk I have only uploaded one product at the moment, but have noticed that the product image is very very close to the description text (the text actually seems to overlap into the image).. You will notice that I am using a template, I am using a template from freeoscommerce.com Could anyone please help advise me how I can rectify this problem? ie. is there any way to make the product image a good distance away from the description text? I guess it is something to do with altering cell padding tags in the stylesheet.css or similar file, but I'm not too sure. Thanks for any assistance