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  1. OK, I can't seem to get the Canada one to work for me. The problem is that I need to list two line items on checkout. One for "CA Sales tax" and a separate one for "Lumber Assesment" As it works now, I can add both taxes and I get "CA Sales tax 8% + Lumber Assessment 1% = " and the correct amount. So, if it was a $100 item it would total the tax to $9, for example. However, it needs to read one line "CA Sales tax 8% = $8" and the next line "CA Lumber Assessment 1% = $1" If someone could even point me to where it formats the output, maybe I could add the second display line, even. I'm just a weak PHP guy, so any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks Chris, That's the route I'm taking at the moment, but I was hoping there'd be an alternative. If anyone has one, post it even if it comes up later in the year -- I can't be the only one to run into this and it may help someone in the future. -Moose
  3. California has added an assessment on a client's product. It is 1% on all sales, but has to be listed separately from the sales tax. I added a tax class and tax rate for the item, but it neither lists nor adds to the tax total. I still get only the 8% CA Sales Tax rate. I can choose to edit each individual product and change the tax from teh CA Sales Tax to the CA Lumber Assessment, but can't choose both. Ideally, I'd like to be able to bulk-edit the products (Everything sold is taxable with both line items) but even if I have to update every item by hand I still need to display each tax separately. I can't find anything except someone's module for canadian taxes... anyone have a simple solution to this?