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  1. SaphyraK

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    My haste to see how it looks inside its code is really higher than the Santa's sleigh during Christmas, lol. Very haste!
  2. SaphyraK

    Next osCommerce v4 demo

    Hi there! @osCommerce-Official Well, currently I make a new OSCommerce shop, under OSCommerce 2.3.x (well, last stable branch I mean). As you know I'm patiently (impatient lol), to see as developper, which code is the OSCommerce V4 contain ! I don't really like "meeting demo", "video recording", because I like concrete things, I like test myself. (you know, some nowadays developers use for some OpenStreetMaps over Google Maps, so.. why using a proprietary Google Meet for showing demos???) I like interactive demo, where I can explore both: source code and visual rendering. From as i see, that V4 is doesn't yet ready, I don't lose interest to that project, (indeed not), but, I'm really feeling communication is more for "end-user people" than "developers one". Please release the source code (at least a screenshot), and better if you give a gitHub repository which, us, developers can explore from our own hands and eyes ! Thanks for the reading. Have a good ending week. Wish the best for V4 OSCommerce!
  3. SaphyraK

    osCommerce v4 Wiki

    Sure, just DM me
  4. SaphyraK

    osCommerce v4 Wiki

    Hello, where it is?
  5. SaphyraK

    Order Structure (totals) modules

    Very interesting way to handle that crucial part of any OSCommerce sites! (I remember by past... how awful it was to edit the Order-Total stuff... I even ended to develop a whole new Order-Total Customized version for my clients.)
  6. SaphyraK

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Why not : Mods Store ? As Modules refer to extension/plug-ins and add-ons as synonyms.
  7. SaphyraK

    Comment supprimer module Anglais

    @brode32 fr: Cette partie du forum est pour OSCommerce la future version; c'est-à-dire V4 ! en: That part of the forum is for OSCommerce future version; meaning V4 ! fr: Celle que vous recherchez est à: en: The one you search for in at: https://forums.oscommerce.com/forum/25-oscommerce-online-merchant-v2x/
  8. SaphyraK

    Shipping methods

    Nice featured screenshot, it will be amazing Anyway... Same comment as Based on how many shipping methods must exists in an Official OSCommerce v4+ release !
  9. SaphyraK

    Payment methods

    I think likely as @Hotclutch I mean... Some people doesn't need 120 payment methods in a single e-Commerce shop. That may be more efficient to gather them 1 by 1 when we have needs for. Anyway, all of additional payment methods (which was involved to be included in core) would be aswell free as... external plug-in. The result to have unwanted payment methods can also lead to security breach (even not-installed/not-enabled, due to the fact files will be here aswell) (I mean since modules aren't all useful for payment/shipping stuff, why include them into main OSCommerce 4 release (and furthermore releases)). Just my thoughts on it, but when I develop an OSCommerce site, I only have the use for 3-4 payments methods. Perhaps, for a GIIIIIIANT site, ... it will be useful, but not for a small one, but also perhaps I'm wrong.. ? Anyway, I love what I see in term of ergonomy and features! Keep up that excellent job on OSCommerce future
  10. SaphyraK


    Traditions are sacred for OSCommerce community (not all want traditional ways lol). But for clarify, if the files are "not consistently" managed when translated, it can lead to some issues when working again on it by future. I discovered a tool from my past surfing over the Internet whole treasures, I loved: https://weblate.org Perhaps it can do the handling of translations, for consistency better ? I used it by past for translate a whole PC game.
  11. SaphyraK

    Menu Editor

    For device break-points, there is media queries (CSS feature). Also, menus are just texts, nested in html tags, having html attributes (/id/class/anyelse)... CSS can do the work perfectly! (I know it, I already doed it in past versions of OSCommerce (2.2 MS2, 2.3) To answer the subject of topic, WHAT A GREAT CHANGE!!! I mean, a TRUE dynamic managed menu, from Admin !! Anyway, here is some questions refering to that new version: 1) How are identifiable parts of menus, (I mean, look at this structure): <!-- please note that it's for quicker demonstration --> <!-- look below, I demonstrated a simple menu, but with identifiable parts, of it, in order to style (or manipulate through javascript) --> <section class="menu-products"> <div class="menu-products-item-block" id="menu_products_item_block_1"> <span class="menu-products-item-icon" id="menu_products_item_icon_1">🧥</span> <span class="menu-products-item-text" id="menu_products_item_text_1">Admire our new coats from there</span> </div> </section> <!-- as you may saw it, each parts of the menu are ready to receive either CSS rules/instructions (mediaqueries or simple rules or complex with helps of Sass, Less parser syntax) but also can be managed by Javascript (with or without help of any js frameworks), through "id". this is really not a full example of what I've had in head, but you see what I mean by "identifiable parts", now! :) --> 2) From the menus managers, can we adds custom HTML attributes or manage them for a particular menu OR parts of menus ?
  12. SaphyraK

    osCommerce v4 demo

    @osCommerce-Official - Those screenshot seems absolutely fantastic, awesome, anyway, once the useable in test/production or whatever OSCommerce V4 will be released, I will not wait so long for test it truely within my small hands Also, I have plenty of good ideas, (themes (with FomanticUI, Bulma, Bootstrap, UI Kit, Materialize CSS, and with some other css frameworks, in order to extend the whole capabilities of that new hope for OSCommerce future! Along with plug-ins, to port, especially those I developed in private (for customers), and in public (for community)).. Ahh, can't wait, it's so exciting! Just .. do.. it properly (I know you do!!), and take all the time necessary to achieve it, (but I hope it will not be a deception like other past years with announcement of "new versions".. which finally was either broken or either a simple fork of OSCommerce past versions!) THANKS A LOT, NEW HOPE, CLEAR BRIGHT FUTURE AWAIT :))))
  13. I learned the existence of OSCommerce through the French community (since I'm French). So, mainly oscommerce-fr.info.

    Once a time, I was in the need to modularizing the code of an older OSCommerce SoColissimo module!
    So.. I developped a public module for OSCommerce MS2.2 and 2.3: https://apps.oscommerce.com/GR1sj
    It's based on an existing module, but has many reworks! And many  new features!
    The French community helped me a lot to debug and test it. Then I offered to them for free released under the OpenSource terms my changes and full module.
    It was a great experience and all was happy.

    Finally, I use OSCommerce professionally since now.. 2012.

    I love how it was so modular.

    But now.. In years 2020, our lovely e-commerce Engine is stuck between a partial MVC engine and theming with 2.4.
    I have some of my old customers (as I work for my own society) under OSCommerce MS2.2 (they do not want leave their version unless OSCommerce team stabilize the things..).
    After I explained them, of course!

    Now, a hope sparkle from the darkness from within OSCommerce Phoenix Community Version!

    I want see more of that project and better even, when I will have time, developing some fancy new modules !

    So! Now, you know for why I'm here.