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  1. @analytica refering to your questions above, "To replace ale gobals by the corresponding new globals like $_GET seems to be a lot of work!". No, really not such a hard work. Not at all! Just follow that logic: Supposing that you have a $HTTP_GET_VARS['product_id'] THEN replace by $_GET['product_id'] Same principle for $HTTP_POST_VARS['something'] JUST replace by $_POST['something'] Be careful for Here Hope it's help. Also, you can try altering the entrypoint of the main first-file in order to put a thing like: <?php if (isset($_GET)) { $HTTP_GET_VARS = $_GET; } if (isset($_POST)) { $HTTP_POST_VARS = $_POST; } if (isset($_SERVER)) { $HTTP_SERVER_VARS = $_SERVER; } /* BUT do not write : if isset($_COOKIE)) { $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS = $_COOKIE; } */ ?> for quick testing !
  2. I learned the existence of OSCommerce through the French community (since I'm French). So, mainly oscommerce-fr.info.

    Once a time, I was in the need to modularizing the code of an older OSCommerce SoColissimo module!
    So.. I developped a public module for OSCommerce MS2.2 and 2.3: https://apps.oscommerce.com/GR1sj
    It's based on an existing module, but has many reworks! And many  new features!
    The French community helped me a lot to debug and test it. Then I offered to them for free released under the OpenSource terms my changes and full module.
    It was a great experience and all was happy.

    Finally, I use OSCommerce professionally since now.. 2012.

    I love how it was so modular.

    But now.. In years 2020, our lovely e-commerce Engine is stuck between a partial MVC engine and theming with 2.4.
    I have some of my old customers (as I work for my own society) under OSCommerce MS2.2 (they do not want leave their version unless OSCommerce team stabilize the things..).
    After I explained them, of course!

    Now, a hope sparkle from the darkness from within OSCommerce Phoenix Community Version!

    I want see more of that project and better even, when I will have time, developing some fancy new modules !

    So! Now, you know for why I'm here.