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  1. Hello I have the Store Pickup Shipping 1.5b addon installed on my osc 2.3.1 store. Works perfect. What I need is if this option in shipping methods is picked, it will change the default shipping address to blank or at least the store pickup address. Because right now it still shows the customers shipping address. which gets confusing on both sides looks unprofessional. Thank You
  2. Using spu.php shipping module for pickup at store, and cod.php payment module modified cash on pickup. All works perfect except how do I change the checkout_confirmation.php to drop the shipping delivery address when cash on pickup is checked for payment method?
  3. willymec1

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hello My International shipping will not provide small flat rate box only flat rate envelope. I don't have the restricts on them either, also double checked the methods are checked. Thank You
  4. willymec1

    CONTRIBUTION Product Tabs

    Hello Installed both contributions. Problem is in the admin product desciption tabs are stacked one on top of the other, instead of opening when you click each tab. Clicking the tabs does nothing. Also the product info page shows all description in the first tab and clicking on the tabs changes nothing. Description Fits Tab 2 Tab 3 Tab 4 Tab 5 --------------------------------- Light Switch --------------------------------- Ducati 2004 696 --------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- Sorry about my drawings here tryied to show what I have.
  5. willymec1

    Product Info Page Box

    Ok I noticed that it works fine on the email side on all buttons. It list the product in question or bestoffer made. Just wont show the 4th button popup product on the header in the product info page, when you click on the button.
  6. willymec1

    Product Info Page Box

    Hello I installed the contribution and it works perfect. I have added a Best Offer popup button also, I just copied the ask a question files and change to best offer. I also added it to the database. It works fine except it wont add the product to the header. If I change the postion of the last 2, then 1 or the other will show the product in the header but not both. So in short if there is more than 3 buttons only the first 3 will show the product in the header. <?php echo embedded_href_replace($product_info['products_description']); ?> <div id="reviews" title="<?php echo 'Reviews for '; echo tep_get_products_name($product_info['products_id']); ?>"> <?php include(FILENAME_REVIEWS_POPUP); ?> </div></form> <div id="tellafriend" title="<?php echo 'Tell a Friend About '; echo tep_get_products_name($product_info['products_id']); ?>"> <?php include(FILENAME_TELL_A_FRIEND_POPUP); ?> </div></form> <div id="makebestoffer" title="<?php echo 'Best Offer Request for '; echo tep_get_products_name($product_info['products_id']); ?>"> <?php include(FILENAME_MAKE_BEST_OFFER_POPUP); ?> </div></form> <div id="askaquestion" title="<?php echo 'Question Request for '; echo tep_get_products_name($product_info['products_id']); ?>"> <?php include(FILENAME_ASK_A_QUESTION_POPUP); ?> </div></form> Help I have come so close. Thank You Bill
  7. willymec1

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Thank You for the repy, What I found also was if you change anything on the listing it resets the boxes clear. Problem is I have a lot of products that won't fit in a small flat rate box or envelope. And I have to insure that an international purchase made with products that do not fit in a small flat rate box, doesnt show that rate available at checkout. Or i will lose alot of money on shipping. So you can't be sure that the boxes didnt become unchecked from editing or changes. Wish there was a better way for blocking small flat rate boxes, when the products purchased won't fit.
  8. willymec1

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hello Was there a fix posted for the radio buttons not being saved in the product setup page. I tried the usps.php that was posted for pre php 5.2. Didnt help I have php 5.0. +Restrict USPS Shipping Methods Express MailRM Priority MailRM International Priority MailRM International Flat Rate Envelope** Priority MailRM International Small Flat Rate Box Express MailRM International Thank You Bill