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    benny2012 reacted to rpdesign in [SSPP] Separate Shipping Per Product----Support Forum   
    This new shipping module has support for separate shipping per individual products,per category, and all products. It also has the options to ship based on price, qty, or weight of the products! :thumbsup: This will be the future support forum for this addon. Right now it is in the beta stage as the per category needs a little more work, but should take no longer than a week or two to sort it out!
    Why build such a module?
    I noticed a lot of discusions in the forums for such a module and thought it would be good practice for me to develope this module from scratch so to speek. And a big thankyou goes out to Brett for his interest in a module and a willing test subject for the beta!
    What doesn't it do?
    This module doesn't currently have support for separate zone shipping. So say your in europe and want to give all of customers in europe free shipping but charge shipping for the rest of the world, you can't do it with this module yet ;)
    What is it capible of?
    it is capable of shipping per individual products with seperate prices! for example product1 has a shipping rate of $20 product2 has a shipping rate of $10 and still another product has a shipping rate of free. Assuming you have 1 product of each in our shopping cart my module calculates shipping by qty $30 not $90 by weight it calculates this by dividing the total weight in the cart by your max weight and then multiplying that by the rate you have set up per product! It is fully customizable just needs time. So tell me what you think and if you want a beta!
    Almost forgot this module is only developed with OsCommerce v2.2 in mind I don't know how well it will work with v2.3.1 or above
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    benny2012 got a reaction from MaceBiz in Shipping in cart   
    it'll only show shipping methods that are available, so yes you first need to set up your shipping modules.
    hope that helps :)
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    benny2012 reacted to Roaddoctor in [Contribution] iOSC - mobile version of OSC on your iPhone   
    Rainer - somethings amiss with my Winrar apparently... The "missing files" are getting truncated each time I zip the package up... I will resolve this before any future upload. I think it has something to do with my version of winrar and a path character limit of 260... sorry about that.
    benny2012 - sorry for the inconvenience caused
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    benny2012 reacted to raiwa in [Contribution] iOSC - mobile version of OSC on your iPhone   
    please download this package: Contribution support V. 1.5. for iOSC 5.x uploaded by me (raiwa)
    I just downloaded and checked and the files are missing in the packages uploaded by roaddoctor.
    I'll correct this as soon as possible
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    benny2012 reacted to raiwa in [Contribution] iOSC - mobile version of OSC on your iPhone   
    just replace the same line in mobile_shopping_cart.php which you replaced in shopping_cart.php.
    It is this line there:

    echo '<br><div style="padding-right:4px; float:right;"><strong>' . SUB_TITLE_TOTAL . $currencies->format($cart->show_total()) . '</strong></div><br><br>';

    <?php include(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'fdp_panier.php'); ?>
    or if the layout doesn`t fit the mobile layout, make a copy of fdp_panier.php and rename it to mobile_fdp_panier.php, move it to: mobile/includes/, the above line you pasted in mobile_shopping_cart.php change to:

    <?php include(DIR_MOBILE_INCLUDES . 'mobile_fdp_panier.php'); ?>
    Now you can do the appropiate layout changes in the new file to match your mobile layout.
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    benny2012 reacted to 14steve14 in change detail in guest shipping   
    It has to be in a file somewhere, which is no help to you. I would suggest looking in the includes/language/english/checkout_shipping.php file. It could also have been added by another addon that you added related to shipping. Failing that you may have to carry out a site wide search for it.
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    benny2012 reacted to 14steve14 in [CONTRIB] UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods   
    I thought that you have to be logged in to checkout, unless you have installed an adon to bypass this.
    Have a look at the add on here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7821 I use this to show shipping costs in the shopping cart.
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    benny2012 reacted to geoffreywalton in [CONTRIB] UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods   
    Probably because the operator is not logged in there is no shipping destination to use to calculate the rate.
    So nothing is shown
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    benny2012 reacted to 14steve14 in [CONTRIB] UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods   
    Go further down the list on that page until you find the install files. Its the first uploaded on 5 Apr 2011
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    benny2012 reacted to 14steve14 in [CONTRIB] UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods   
    It works fine on 2.3 versions, just update the prices.