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  1. Hi!


    I have recently installed OS Commerce! Have to say I am very impressed!


    I am hoping someone can help me though.


    I have a website which uses a Buy Now button.. I am hoping I can link that Buy Now Button to a transaction page on my OSCOmmerce website. The reason for this is I would like the customer to get a customized receipt automatically once the order is complete. Currently PayPal stand alone do not allow that functionality.


    Anyone able to provide some insight on how it can be done? Happy to pay or donate to forum if need be! :)

  2. Hi All!

    First let me apologize if this has been asked and answered in the past. I have spent a good week searching and I simply cant find a direct answer. (The PayPal Support Number was also unable to answer).

    I currently have a website which I sell an E-Book through. When this book is purchased through the Buy Now Button, I receive the notification and send them an e-mail with the URL to the book they have bought.

    I would really like to set this up as an automated process.. ie: customer buys the book, paypal (or other service) sends a recipt and this recipt would contain the URL for the book. (The URL does not change, users dont have seperate passwords to access).

    Is there a way in PayPal you can do this? All help is much appreciated!


    I have attempted to ask on the PayPal Community but didnt get any reply :( I did a Google Search and found this resource!