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  1. Hello, I am using your simple checkout contribution. Thank you for the wonderful contribution. I have few problems when I use the contribution on our site. Our site is located at http://thecyclebarn.com/newsite/newsites28 When I manually login before checkout it works ok. But when I checkout normally it goes to a screen where the password is visible and even if I give the correct username and password it doesnt let me login. And also I am not able to create account using New customer option. Please help me out on this. It is very important. I attach here the screen shots of checkout page with and without login. http://thecyclebarn.com/newsite/newsites28/simple_checkout/image_after_logging.jpg http://thecyclebarn.com/newsite/newsites28/simple_checkout/image_before_logging.jpg
  2. Hi, I installed smart checkout in our shop. But when I try to checkout after filling up the form, the cart goes empty. Can anybody help me why this is happening?
  3. sensex007

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    hey guys i m using this addons http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8338 i have install every thing but my checout.php is not working properly can u plz suggeste me to solve the issue http://thecyclebarn.com/newsite/checkout.php tell me what's the problem due to which my code is not running.