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    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Ha! I understand. Though in this case I'm the guy asking the questions, I've worked in IT all my life, and know exactly where you are coming from. ;) You are appreciated. Don
  2. don_moran

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Wow Jim, thank you my friend! That solved my issue..... Thanks for taking the time for me, you're awesome! Don
  3. don_moran

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Hi Jim - All, This is a great contrinution which I have used for years. I am having trouble though, not with the contrinution itself per se., however this seemed an appropriate thread to bring the issue up. My problem relates to button icons and fonts after applying a new theme. Whether I use themeroller, or apply a new theme manually, via. editing template_top, etc,... the theme will work fine except I will loose all button icons and get odd button fonts. I can, either manually or through theme switcher, go back to the stock redmond theme and all is well again with the buttons. I thought jquery handled the button icons for me through it's png files, but am I missing something ? I would think maybe button names, etc changed with the latest theme roller, however I'm attempting to use the latest version theme, 1.10.4 just as the stock redmond one. I hope this is not too basic of a quesiton and that asking here is appropriate. Can anyone shed light on this for me? Thanks Guys, Don
  4. don_moran

    Daily Specials

    Hi all, For me, the instrucitons for After_2.3 point to locations which I don't have with a shop at 2.3.3, upgrade from 2.3.1. Looking at a vanilla 2.3 I beleive them missing as well. For example step 8 points to includes/column_right.php, however there is no column_right or column_left at this location, there is however an admin/includes/column_left.php.... Step 11 points ot a non existant includes/osc_template.php .... Step 13 points to includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php however there is no boxes directory at this layer. If anyone can provide insight I would appreciate it. Perhaps I am simply not following somehting ??? Regards,