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  1. BAT2012

    Easy Populate ... my error?

    Yup... both the easypopulate.php file and easypopulate_functions.php are in the admin folder in the control panel.
  2. BAT2012

    Easy Populate ... my error?

    I know its invalid... thats what the whole issue is. I'm trying to ask if this would come up if I put the files in the wrong folder. I thought this was the add-on general support... i'll look for one for easy populate specifically?? Thanks
  3. BAT2012

    Easy Populate ... my error?

  4. So I downloaded the easy populate contribution and I'm very excited about using it, but i'm afraid that I mightve somehow put it in the wrong folder?? It shows up on my control panel under the catalog section, but when i click on it, it goes to an error page. Can anyone tell me what I mightve done wrong? Here is the link so you can see the error that comes up http://www.bansheeautotuning.com/shop/controlpanel/easypopulate.php Thanks in advance for your help!!!