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  1. George does an amazing job and offers an incredibly quick service. All problems I had with setting up my website were solved quickly and easily. A very opened and gentle person and a reliable business man. I recommend MiniTemplateSystem!! Great work!
  2. I tried installing Mobile SEO Urls, but failed and didn't want to try again. So I simply set SEO Urls to false. Works now. Thank you!
  3. Hey guys, I installed this version of the iOsc contribution. I work with 2.3.1 There is a little issue I'm struggling with. My mobile site works perfectly AS LONG AS I don't change language. But when I swap to english, all off my pictures disappear. I guess it's a directory or database problem, but I don't know where to change it? Thank you for your answers, would be very appreciated Ameli
  4. gradefive.eu

    Specials Image Overlay

    I fixed it, it actually is quite a bit weird. I never made any changes to the content of the changes. I did upload the image, everything was there. But the required name of the image changed from specials_overlayenglish.png to specials_overlaygerman.png No idea why, but however - you gave me the hint thank you! Also your png did not work, it covered all of my image. I made a png myself and now it works totally fine. I love your work, I'm slowly understanding all the background of oscommerce and it starts to get fun playing hide and seek ;-)
  5. gradefive.eu

    Specials Image Overlay

    Hi Jim, on the right side you will find a product on sale, http://www.gradefive.eu/catalog/index.php?language=en Thanks for your support!
  6. gradefive.eu

    Specials Image Overlay

    Dear Jim, I double checked and did the whole setup twice. I cannot find my error. The overlay picture is obviously there, but only the replacement text, not the real photo. I am very sure I didn't dismiss any code to insert or change. I turned dynamic resizing to false. My version is 2.3.1 here is the url: http://gradefive.eu/index.html I included a sreenshot. Any suggestions? Thank you and all the best, Ameli
  7. Solved my problem, it was actually pretty obvious after sleeping a night over it... forgot to copy two lines in the step where you create the table in the database. Works perfectly, thanks again Jules
  8. Hi Jules, I thought I would have troubles with installing your work, but it actually worked out really nicely! Thanks for that!! I use osCommerce 2.3.1. I only need the facebook-login, so i decided to delete all datas with "google". Is it okay to do so? Cause I've got a problem. I can sign into my page, but cannot view my account. This is the error that I get: My Account Information 1054 - Unknown column 'valid_address' in 'field list' select valid_address from customers_info where customers_info_id = '1' [TEP STOP] Have no idea what to do.