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  1. Jakdjak

    Cardsave (by Worldpay) Payment Module

    Awesome! Thank you. The module is installed now. It was a case of changing every reference of TABLE_xxxx in the file as you suggested. I've just been running a few tests on it and the process has stalled on the checkout_confirmation.php page. The "Finalise and Pay" button, underneath the T&C's confirmation, is missing when you reach this section. This was a similar issue on the RBS Worldpay Redirect module on V1.0.7.14, but the update to v1.0.7.15 solved the issue it seemed. It's hard to say whether it's working 100% as it's not being able to connect to the Cardsave hosted payment service without the "Finalise and Pay" button. Thank you for the help so far.
  2. I was wondering if any one has managed to install a Cardsave Payment Module on CE Phoenix? It's different to the RBS Worldpay Hosted payments module. The module I have was made for OsCommerce v2.3.1 and does state on the installation instructions that it might not work on newer or older. I already have the re-direct version installed on OsCommerce v2.3.1 and is working fine, but I'm upgrading to CE Phoenix and it doesn't install on there. It comes up with "select configuration_value from TABLE_CONFIGURATION where configuration_key = 'MODULE_PAYMENT_CARDSAVE_REDIRECT_STATUS'" error message on the Payment > Install Module page. Is there anyone with experience and can provide some assistance with the install? Attached are the OSv2.3.1 installation files. Many thanks. Redirect.zip