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  1. cata44

    Mail Manager

    Hi npn2531 and thanks for your rapid response . I made your great contribution and all work perfect. I use 2 langauge french and english and how can i - when i send a message to a friend in french and the email receive be in french and for english in english. For this from admin, html text in english Hello $toname, Your friend, $fromname thought that you would be interested in $product from $storename. To view the product click on the link below or copy and paste the link into your web browser: $link Regards, $storename ----------------------------------------------------------------- $fromname says: $message and in for french and english ........................... ........................... I tried put in administration html code this: Hello $toname, <?php echo TEXT_FR_1 ?>, $fromname <?php echo TEXT_FR_2 ?> $product <?php echo TEXT_FR_3 ?> $storename. <?php echo TEXT_FR_4 ?> $link <?php echo TEXT_FR_5 ?>, $storename ----------------------------------------------------------------- $fromname <?php echo TEXT_FR_6 ?>: $message AND then define this in include/languages/french/tell a friend.php.. and english also define('TEXT_FR1', '......'); define('TEXT_FR2', '......'); ....... BUT nothing. I tried define also in mm_responsemail.php but nothing and i d,ont understend very well the placeholders... :wacko:, I tried put in /httpdocs/includes/modules/mail_manager/tell_a_friend.php to //build email $output_content_html = $header['htmlheader'].$mail_manager_status['htmlcontent'].$header['htmlfooter'].' ' .TEXT_FR1.'......... ' ; but when i send a message en french .D'ont work. How i can made this pls? You can help me pls. Indeed a great work this mail manager. Thanks a lot sir and i hope you help me.
  2. cata44

    Mail Manager

    Hi npn2531 , I made your contribution Mail Manager , I had some problems but I read in the forum and I do. Only 3 words, super, super and super. For moment all it,s ok . :thumbsup: I use 2 languages fr and en - You will be in several languages ​​in the future? Thanks a lot npn2531 and a Happy New Year to you and all.