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  1. Schizolocal

    Cant install Excel Populate

    I've got the installation finished, but I cannot get the user docs - the link http://www.advancewebsoft.com/downloads/documentation/excel-populate-manual-p.html just leads to a blank page
  2. Hi

    I was investigating why my Share Products box was not displaying (turns out is was Adblock on Firefox), but I noticed that the image reference in the link to Pinterest has not been updated with the mods to Protected Images - I have now changed DIR_WS_IMAGES to DIR_WS_IMAGES_PROD in line 61 of sb_pinterest.php

    as in


    45) In catalog/includes/modules/social_bookmarks/sb_pinterest.php

    FIND around line 61
        $params['media'] = tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $image_file, '', 'NONSSL', false);
    REPLACE with
        $params['media'] = tep_href_link(DIR_WS_IMAGES_PROD . $image_file, '', 'NONSSL', false);



  3. Reset Database Contribution ------------------------------------- Addon: 9111 This feature allows administrators to clear non-permanent tables of the database and delete images from the file system. The most common use of this feature is to clear out data from the database, and delete any images, which have been included as a result of testing and trying out contributions before going live. In general, tables that have been set up as permanent or semi-permanent information (such as configuration, geographical data, tax codes etc) are not touched. To clear these, the best option would be a complete clean re-installation of the database. It is assumed that no images are permanent or semi-permanent, so all can be deleted. The feature allows fine control over which tables and image classes are to be cleared but macro tasks allow grouped actions which address mutually related entities as a unit. Fine control over images is made possible only if you have installed the Protected Images contribution (8560). You can download the Reset Database contribution here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9111 Credits This contribution is mostly original, but the feature was more than a little inspired by the Clear Down Database contribution by Geoffrey Walton (5793)
  4. Schizolocal

    Optional choices in shipping - possible?

    Thanks for the feedback, CodeMonkey In one sense I am disappointed that it is probably more work than I had envisaged (and may even be capable of), but on the other hand it seems I haven't completely misunderstood the concepts. With the three radio button solution, it simply means that the user cannot select both Registered and Advice of Delivery, but that might not be too traumatic.In fact, I had thought of abandoning the Advice option anyway, since it will be the merchant that gets the advice, not the customer. At least with Registered mail. the recipient has a stake in the process. I will have to delve into the Order Total module though - I was hoping Insurance would be just another Shipping option.(I have no problem with the programming once I know the option has been selected) Stuart
  5. I've been trying to set up a shipping module for St.Helena (where I live), and it is really a combination of a calculated price per unit weight with an anomalous start of table (where the calculation isn't right) But that's not a problem - I can handle that. What I am trying to do is to offer two completely optional extras which are not complicated: Registered mail (off - no additional charge, on - add a fixed fee) Advice of delivery ( ditto ) Further, I want to offer Insurance as an option Insurance; (off - no additional charge, on - fixed price per unit value (e.g. £1 per £20 value) I don't think offering all of the combinations of the above as separate shipping options is a sensible idea, so how would I effectively add three tick boxes associated with one particular shipping method (I will eventually have another which doesn't offer these options) Is it even possible without a complete re-write? Or maybe I'm just missing something simple. Stuart (Me: Not new to PHP but new to osCommerce)