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  1. Sorry for being absent and didn't solve the problem as mentioned above. Unfortunately I have left my previous position as osCommerce web developer and I afraid this plugin may not be able be maintained in future...
  2. Unfortunately it won't. My company didn't use product attributes so I didn't add those in the search. But I guess it can be easily implemented.
  3. thanks glycerine, was quite busy recently so didnt manage to reply... I may add this to a new version in couple days :D
  4. Hi stubbsy, sorry for the very late reply. It seems work ok in your product page. Have you fixed it?
  5. @@OilyPablo By using Paypal express, customers are not required to login and putting address in checkout page. So this addon come to handy for non-registered customer to quickly change the delivery address without changing address in Paypal first. But yea, for registered customer it can be good idea for customer to choose which address they wanna use. That can be easily done depend on if anyone want it.
  6. hi all, sorry for not showing up busy with my own project, will try fix anything in a week, stay tuned.
  7. @@burt I couldn't edit my own thread after a curtain time.... I can only quote the thread.... Think that's the rule for normal member?
  8. emcmoda, thx for posting the errors, just try to consolidate your post and not spam here. for your problem, my bad put a buggy file, Please update all files to v1.0.2 and it should work. cretbogdan, I cannot see your site using the addon, but my best guess is you are using the old version too, please update all files to v1.0.2, and sure you customized your header search box follow what's in includes/modules/boxes/bm_search.php
  9. or for those who losing their patient, here's the sql: smartsuggest.sql.zip
  10. Call your store where search box is appeared in your favorite browser! The contribution should be functional out of the box and all database settings will be installed automatically on first page request. The contribution has an intelligent database installer that detects whether the proper settings are present and if not will install them. I am rewriting the instruction in HTML so people can follow... keep an eye to the new update... For those still cant work, please let me know your osc version and your website so I can fix it, thanks.
  11. Hi, all configuration column and searched_keywords should be auto-added once the search box get loaded (that is, simply load your public front page)... I have already tested it and please do give some feedback if that doesnt work for you...
  12. Hi michiel, I created this mainly for PayPal, which delivery address is feeded from PayPal, so customer who may want different address from his PayPal, but not necessary go all the way to PayPal adding the address. It only requires to update 2 files and few new files, should be done in minutes. I also made a customization where customers can change the address book too, but that needs more files modification and I doubted people want this function.
  13. About This add-on is based on SimpleSuggest, adding a search suggestion to your OsCommerce search box, but it also records each customers' searched keywords and sort the result products order by popular search, or even simply show the result in term of popular keywords. It also gives the ability to search in multiple keywords using AND/OR. Options can be set in Admin and automatically install and deal with database. By setting search type 'products' and sort by 'products', it works just like SimpleSuggest, but you can also sort the resulting products by 'keywords' - it's searched count. Or simply put search type to 'keywords' so it works as a self-learn search engine which gives the pass searched keywords (make sure you have enough saved search keywords before turn this on) ScreenShot http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/screenshot_1_search_suggest.jpg Search suggestion using or and multiple words http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/screenshot_2_admin_configuration.jpg Admin configuration http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/screenshot_3_stats_report.jpg Stats keyword searched 2.2.x Add-on page 2.3.x Add-on page
  14. This a light-weight add-on for changing shipping/billing address directly in Checkout Confirm page. If you use checkout payment modules like PayPal Express checkout, which obtain address from PayPal website, or using one page checkout, they would skip Checkout Shipping page and bring customers into Checkout Confirm page direct. Customers who want to change default address have to jump backward to Checkout Shipping page and forward causing bad user experience. In this case Ajax can greatly help and allow customers staying in same page with less clicks. A alert would appear if customers didn't confirm the address before confirming the order. Note: It would only change the address of the orders, not the address in customers' address books. Addon link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8911 Screenshots: More On: richardfu.net/oscommerce-ajax-checkout-address/ Screenshots: http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/screenshot_1_edit.jpg http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/screenshot_2_confirm.jpg http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/screenshot_4_error.jpg http://richardfu.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/screenshot_3_alert.jpg
  15. sorry missed a function in admin general.php, please download the new version and add the function only. also tested working in 2.3.x in new version