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  1. jose@ukanswer.co.uk

    Product listing view changing

    Hi, i have a template i have been using. Originally on the main product pages, there was a function to switch between a tabular view or a list view for the products. Somewhere along the line i think i have turned this function off. Any ideas on how i can get it back please. URL: http://www.ukanswer.com/NEW%20TEMPLATE/template_40137_8dmVP62piyHzeBDZinMZ/osc/catalog/index.php
  2. jose@ukanswer.co.uk

    Multiple banners on left column

    Ha, Template monstor sent me here. Maybe you're right. Thanks for the advice!
  3. jose@ukanswer.co.uk

    Multiple banners on left column

    Hi guys, i have a template i've been working on. On the column on the left i had a live help banner. I've created a callback form and a facebook like thing, i created new banners for each and gave them the same banner group as the live help one, but it only shows one of them at a time, if you keep hitting the home button, it changes from one to another etc. i want them all to show at once. Any ideas please? URL is http://www.ukanswer.com/NEW%20TEMPLATE/template_40137_8dmVP62piyHzeBDZinMZ/osc/catalog/index.php