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  1. ndiggity

    Product listing

    Thank you very much for this addon and supporting it! I have to say, that was about the easiest install ever! Everything seems to be working well except transparency. I see that there is code for it in image.php but for some reason the transparent space in my PNGs are being filled with the RGB value in 'thumb_background_rgb'. Is there something I need to do differently than the stock install to maintain transparency? Does the original image need to be of a certain specification? My PNGs were generated from BMPs in GIMP2.8 by setting the background color (white) to transparent via Layer->Transparency->Color to Alpha. My store was originally a 2.3.1 and has been upgraded to 2.3.4. I'm running PHP 5.2.17. I installed the version found here... version R11 (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9206) using instructions found in osc_standard_installation.docx. BTW, the legacy tep_image() maintained the transparency. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :-)
  2. ndiggity

    paypal advanced paypal payflow

    I saw this bug too. I changed the following code in order to send the state abbreviations instead of letting Paypal truncate the full state name to two letters (i.e "Georgia" becomes "Ge"). There may be a better way but this seems to work perfectly... in catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal_payflow_link.php near line 100 change the following . "&BILLTOSTATE=" . $order->customer['state'] to //MODIFIED TO SEND STATE ABBREVIATION TO PAYPAL //. "&BILLTOSTATE=" . $order->customer['state'] ORIGINAL CODE . "&BILLTOSTATE=" . tep_get_zone_code($order->customer['country']['id'], $order->customer['zone_id'], $order->customer['zone_name']) //MODIFIED TO SEND STATE ABBREVIATION TO PAYPAL And . "&SHIPTOSTATE=" . $order->delivery['state'] to //MODIFIED TO SEND STATE ABBREVIATION TO PAYPAL //. "&SHIPTOSTATE=" . $order->delivery['state'] ORIGINAL CODE . "&SHIPTOSTATE=" . tep_get_zone_code($order->delivery['country']['id'], $order->delivery['zone_id'], $order->delivery['zone_name']) //MODIFIED TO SEND STATE ABBREVIATION TO PAYPAL Also, I installed the DHTML State Selection for 2.3.1 to make sure customers pick/spell States correctly. You can find it here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8028
  3. ndiggity

    Security issue with KCFinder

    Hello Joli, Thank you for following up. I truly appreciate it! I've been tweaking autoload.php a bit and using the various error logs to understand where things are failing. It's been a bit of a learning experience! I'd like to run something past you... 1. As far as I can tell the set_include_path('../'); is useful for when autoload.php includes application_top.php in the next line of code include('../includes/application_top.php'); . I'm guessing this because If I comment out set_include_path('../'); then I get errors having to do with application_top.php and various files application_top.php calls. 2. After application_top.php has done it's thing with regard to sessions and such we need to set the include path back so that we don't have to change a bunch of other paths in autoload.php. I'm guessing that is the purpose of set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__)); For some reason I couldn't get KCFinder to work without commenting out these two lines (which screwed up the admin session stuff) or without modifying the paths of the other includes in autoload.php. Assuming 1 & 2 above is correct, I replaced set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__)); with restore_include_path(); such that this code block now looks like... // BOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: set_include_path('../'); include('../includes/application_top.php'); restore_include_path(); // EOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: KCFinder seems to be working fine now and I don't see any errors in the error logs. Also, I checked http://www.MYSITE.com/catalog/admin/kcfinder/core/browser.php as you mentioned above and it returns Forbidden (presumably because of the .htaccess file). I also checked http://www.MYSITE.com/catalog/admin/kcfinder (there is no .htaccess file here) and it required a login. Does all that sound correct as in that's the way its supposed to work? Thank you very much for the help! I really appreciate it!
  4. ndiggity

    Security issue with KCFinder

    Thank you very much for supporting this contribution! I use the CKEditor all the time and just installed the updated version with the KCFinder. I have a question about the security update. Specifically, what is the purpose of set_include_path('../'); and set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__));? I looked them up and understand what they do but I don't quite understand why they are used in /kcfinder/core/autoload.php (below). Are the relevant to the security update or just used depending on your file structure? // BOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: set_include_path('../'); include('../includes/application_top.php'); set_include_path(dirname(__FILE__)); // EOF: Added to work with session handling of osCommerce: Both are causing errors lower in the file for me (i.e. line 64 require "core/uploader.php";). The location of autoload.php on my site is catalog/admin/kcfinder/core/autoload.php. If I comment them out then everything seems to work fine. If either are active then the KCFinder doesn't work. I'm a bit of a novice when it comes to PHP... Are these lines required for the security update at all or are they just useful depending on your file structure? Thank you in advance!
  5. ndiggity

    Custom Product Builder

    In case it's still useful to you I wanted to mention that I converted this addon for OSC 2.3 You can find it here... http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9005
  6. ndiggity

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    First off I'd like to thank you for programming this addon. It is really easy to install and use yet is very useful. Thank you! I'm having a little trouble with certain modules and think it has something to do with the Simply Hide Products addon I previously installed (http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/349008-simply-hide-products-shp/ and http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7117/v,22). Any of the modules that have to do with categories or products give me the error... 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'where c.categories_id not in(29)' at line 13 select c.categories_id, c.categories_image, cd.categories_name from categories_description cd join categories c on c.categories_id = cd.categories_id where c.parent_id = '0' and cd.language_id = '1' order by c.sort_order where c.categories_id not in(29) I'm not a php programmer so I can't figure out exactly what the problem is. I'm guessing that the Simply Hide Products addon added code that checks to see if a category or product is hidden and this code is incompatible with some of the Modular Front page code. I can see in my database that the table associated with the hidden products contains data only for categories and products that are not visible by everyone. So, the code must assume that if there is no reference to a certain product in the hidden products table then it is visible to everyone but if there is even one reference to a certain product or category then it is only visible by the customers called out in the table. Is there any way of reconciling this? I'd really like to use both addons. Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you.