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  1. legendr34

    [Contribution] Spider Session Remover

    Hi I installed this .htaccess file(no changes made, except i added a directoryindex), however i still see: http://www.awedeals.com/catalog/mcafee-vir...e63bf462e60a366 osCsid=e381bd39e75ef02bae63bf462e60a366 is there another way to get rid of this? Thank you
  2. legendr34

    Cool Menu Help

    Hi, Does anyone know what the problem is with the Cool Menu contribution I just installed... First, if you go directly to http://www.shopampm.com (the menu won't show up and there will be a Java script error) however: if you go to http://www.shopampm.com/catalog/index.php (the Cool Menu works fine, and everything in the site works great) any help will be greatlful! thank you
  3. legendr34

    QuickBooks Contrib

    I am having the EXACT same issue....any suggestions? i have the same problem too........any help? :blink:
  4. legendr34

    Printing Invoices

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know how I can get the invoices to print from a click of a button instead of right clicking and pressing print? Thanks George
  5. legendr34


    hi do you have a link to of this baby in action :D