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  1. You can get OSC2.3.4 work on PHP7.2 as long as you ignore deprecated warnings. Took me aboout about a day. It won't be as nice but it will be running. (PHP7.2.29 here in production). Most of the code is in Github, IIRC. But I did that before Phoenix was available, and I had heavily modified 2.3.4. already running. But I don't see any reason why TVA intracom would not be possible to install on Phoenix. In fact, I think it is not any harder to install on Phoenix than on 2.3.4. as long as you know what you are doing. It won't work without modifications on 2.3.4 either, IIRC. I am not familiar with Phoenix, but it might even be easier on Phonix than on 2.3.4., and if done in correct Phoenix way (using hooks etc), it would probably make your live easier later on.
  2. zwak

    Shipping in cart

    Tip for cheapest rate: after require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'shipping.php'); $shipping_modules = new shipping; $quotes = $shipping_modules->quote(); $erreur_shipping = get_erreur_shipping($quotes); add $cheapest = $shipping_modules->cheapest(); Then replace next DEFAULT_MODE_DELIVRY_SC with $cheapest['id'] Or something like that I just installed this, unfortunately didn't read this before, as I modified it too much to be able to paste more code.
  3. zwak

    can't get minimum order addon to work

    I made min quantity check by changing tep_check_stock() function (in general.php) and changed shopping cart to show better message for it. a.forevers way should work, but doesn't give any feedback to customer.