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  1. First off, Thank you - I could not dream of writing such an amazing module, and the fact I'm having a problem installing it has no bearing on my gratitude for the hard work that went into developing it.


    I am running osc 2.3 , and have installed : USPS Rates ServerV4 (for osc2.2)


    I didn't realize I was running 2.3 and not 2.2 at the time of install.


    I followed all the instructions, modified the required files, then added the new ones.


    I've received my User ID and Password from USPS -- turned around and emailed them back asking to move me to production, which they did.


    I verified the url they sent me, and it matches yours.


    Problem is - I go into the admin screen, edit the module, select the services, place min and max values, click save -- and nothing is saved.


    as a result, obviously, no shipping methods are displayed.


    Any chance someone knows how to fix this problem? Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


    **as an added note, i do not have a /includes/classes/_usps.php file - If I need it, where do I get it from - it wasn't included in the download that I can see. - Thank you again.