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    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    Hi to all of you Guys. I'm developing my store. It's not online at this moment but is ready to be operational. The only thing that keep me from put it online is a problem with this shipping module. Help is needed. So, Straigth to the point... I want to offer Express Mail Service, Priority Service, Medium Flat Service, Priority Regional Service A & B and First Class Mail Service at least for domestic shipping. I can't offer Priority Medium Flat Rate Box and Priority Regional Service A. The store return a error message that said: " -2147219085 Invalid XML Element content is incomplete according to the DTD/Schema. line= 0 pos= 1668" for Priority Medium Flat Rate and Regional A Box Service. All other service are offered without any problem. Any idea what should be the problem? note: I contacted USPS and they told me my account and their system is working properly. Thanks for any help Edwin