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  1. I have got the loaded 6 with the xsell contrib on, installed the Buy_Two_Module with the xsell add-on and it has no effect on the sugegstions at all.... so I updated the xsell to the latest version.. still doesnt work. www.spotontools.cTools website link here see the suggested products, and the 'random products' should have one of those as a bundle...
  2. For some reason even with spiders.txt installed and working the OSCid still displays when it goes through the pdf files.... any idea why?
  3. xpetex

    PDF Catalogs v.1.6 beta

    The yahoo bot is doing the pdf files right now, and even with spiders.txt the oscid still shows up... anyone know a fix?
  4. I cant program that well tho so fraid not. sounds good.
  5. xpetex


    ok, I looked into it again... and looked at the five priority options but they arent very clear. Which one would select only products from the same catagory? and also, what about the word matching? Is there something I could change in the sql statement? Thankyou for your easlier reply, muchly appreciated. pete
  6. xpetex


    I have also resolved the problem... now I face another. The way it searched for products to 'bundle' seems very random. Ive got the name matching enabled but would like to narrow this down so my bundles dont seem to crazy. One good thing would be to only select the other product from the same catagory, or parent catagory. Possibly word matching? rather than just characters? Any suggestions??
  7. xpetex


    I have installed it and it works part from one minor thing.. The product_info.php says there is no product when I click on a bundle from checkout. I am using the template system from Loaded 6 but did what the readme told me to do with the .tpl.php file. Still no luck.. anyone?
  8. My host have disabled the htacess commands look here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=107688
  9. xpetex

    seo sitemap

    ok, ive asked my host and they said: Harvey: and one more we are limiting the use of : Harvey: Action Harvey: AddCharSet Harvey: AddEncoding Harvey: AddLanguage Harvey: AddType Harvey: BrowserMatch Harvey: BrowserMatchNoCase Harvey: CookieTracking Harvey: DefaultLanguage Harvey: DefaultType Harvey: ErrorDocument Harvey: ErrorHeader Harvey: Header Harvey: LanguagePriority Harvey: Options Harvey: PassEnv Harvey: Redirect Harvey: RedirectMatch Harvey: RedirectPermanent Harvey: RedirectTemporary Harvey: SetEnv Harvey: SetEnvIf Harvey: SetEnvIfNoCase Harvey: UnsetEnv so im guessing these two options arent available.. this is at globat.com by the way.. Is there a work around for this at all?? anything please?!
  10. xpetex

    seo sitemap

    I have had so much time spent on this problem.. Anyway, All I got was 500 erros across my whole site when i uploaded the htaccess (all 3 versions out there) I have dwindled it down to two lines that cause errors... Options +FollowSymlinks & AddType application/x-httpd-php php php4 php3 html htm But the contrib doesnt want to work without these two lines.. any help? also, I use the template system so some files are .tpl.php that are included, does that matter?? PLEASE HELP ME OUT pete
  11. also, I use the template system.. would that conflict with the htaccess at all as the files are tpl.php Im soooo stuck
  12. xpetex

    SEO SiteMap help needed!

    I know this is a daft question but im so stuck... I use the template system with files tpl.php does this need to be included anywhere?
  13. hmm, ive had 3 solid days at this now and no luck.. if aNYONE could help me I would be so relieved... I have put the files up... thats no problem adjusted the sitemap_includes.php Now the .httpaccess...... This bugga just wont work, I get 500 errors constantly on every page in the site. Now then, Ive tried to do it throgh uploading, and my hosting companies file manager (create file etc) but STILL no luck... Ive tried all 3 versions, and no luck... Ive contacted my hosting company and they say the httpd.conf isnt accessable by myself, BUT the httpdocs should work... I removed word wrap on the uploaded ones, no luck... I was told if I modify files to CHMOD 775 this might help? Any truth in that? I also CHMOD my .htaccess to 644 ... no luck Im really really stuck..
  14. xpetex

    SEO Sitemap problem

    anyone got any help on this? Im in the same boat.. when I upload my .htaccess I get a 500 internal server error for my whole site!! PLEASE HELP
  15. xpetex

    PDF Catalog v.1.5

    hmm, seems if I turn off images its fine... but I really want images. ps - my images are in images/nps/ would that make a difference?