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  1. deemarie

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    OK how about this question LOL Does anyones price change on the product info page after an attribute is selected ( meaning a bug) or it is just mine. Please let me know time is flying and I need to get this up and running Thanks
  2. deemarie

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hello. I have been searching and searching and cannot find this simple answer. I have installed and reinstalled this great contribution ( currently running with ver 2.8.10) I have various attributes per product and simply want the price to adjust accordingly with each chosen option. It adds the correct price to the cart but does not update the product info page with each choice the customer makes. Example attribute one - flavor increase flavor +.25 original recipe +.00 decrease flavor -.25 attribute two - bottle size 3 mls +.95 10 mls +.1.37 30 mls + 4.25 any help would be appreciated. Thanks