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  1. jorn


    After install of the contrip Shownewprice i get the folowing error in the bottom of product_info.php Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in C:\!webserver\!terslevnet.dk\www\catalog\includes\functions\database.php on line 99 pls. help ????? Jorn Hansen
  2. jorn

    Forum for OSC

    How do yoy solve this matter Regards
  3. jorn

    Forum for OSC

    How do you solve this problem regards Jorn
  4. use version 1.2.2 that works for me 14 Jun 2003 - PDF data_sheet maker 1.2.2 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,all/search,PDF regards Jorn www.jt-edb.dk
  5. jorn

    WYSIWYG HTMLArea MS2 V 1.7

    your most opload to your site NETPBM http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1689 Use's NETPBM for image manipulation and resizing/resampling when uploading product images. download: http://www.nieloimage.com/download/
  6. jorn

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    How du i change the returns_text.php file in this line to store the text vith the corsponding language id ???? if ($REQUEST_METHOD=="POST") { mysql_query('REPLACE INTO return_text VALUES (1, 1, "' . $aboutus .'")') or die(mysql_error()); } $sql=mysql_query('SELECT * FROM return_text where return_text_id = 1') or die(mysql_error()); $row=mysql_fetch_array($sql); this is the (1, 1, where the last 1 have to be the language_id. not 1 bout as 4 for english and 5 for Danish ???????
  7. jorn

    Product Returns

    i Have change line 211 to return strftime(DATE_TIME_FORMAT, mktime($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, $year)); and is works for me.
  8. Product Returns Warning: unexpected error in date() in C:\!webserver\!terslevnet.dk\www\webshop\admin\includes\functions\general.php on line 211 i get this warning in line 221 210 if (@date('Y', mktime($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, $year)) == $year) { 211 return date(DATE_FORMAT, mktime($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, $year)); } else { return ereg_replace('2037' . '$', $year, date(DATE_FORMAT, mktime($hour, $minute, $second, $month, $day, 2037))); } ------------------------ pls help
  9. After install of BTSv1.2 i get this fatal error pl help. Fatal error: Failed opening required 'DIR_WS_TEMPLATESTEMPLATENAME_MAIN_PAGE' (include_path='.;c:\php4\pear') in C:\!webserver\!terslevnet.dk\www\webshop\index.php on line 150 thanks in advance Jorn