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    Dennisra reacted to ArtcoInc in osCommerce - update of email software   
    @osCommerce-Official I (and others) have received an email from 'osCommerce Limited <email@oscommerce.com>' with the subject 'osCommerce - update of email software'. It states:
      Even if you're reading it on or around the 1st of April, we're very serious and passionate about new osCommerce v4!
      Following our decision to release osCommerce v4 this year, we are updating and upgrading software that helps to run osCommerce.   Please use this URL to confirm your email address that we have on our records:
    confirm osCommerce email   We do not send any marketing communication unless you’re signed up to our newsletter, but need to be able to contact you in case we have important releases, or security patches. Thank you!   Kind regards, OSCOMMERCE LIMITED     Can you confirm that this is a legitimate email from you, or did someone harvest the forum's email list, and is on a phishing expidition?   Thank you! M  
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    Dennisra reacted to JcMagpie in Google Adsense and https site   
    If your site is fully ssl compliant then Googe will only serve ssl compliant ads to your site, So mixed content from google ads is not an issue.
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    Dennisra reacted to JcMagpie in Google Adsense and https site   
    There you go working on stock CE with https: 😊 just needs a bit of tweeking to mmake google happy. You will find google now shows more ads on mobile than pc.

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    Dennisra reacted to MrPhil in Google Adsense and https site   
    If the ads that Google is serving you use http in their addresses, such as for images or Javascript, many browsers will suppress their appearance ("mixed content") due to http (non-SSL) content on an SSL (https) page. You should be able to see this by the icon shown next to your address in the browser address bar. The proper solution is to specify that you want SSL content in your ads, so that everything on the page will be shown by all browsers. I don't use Adsense, so I can't tell you how to do this.
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    Dennisra reacted to JcMagpie in Google Adsense and https site   
    Not true! I have ad-sense ruining fine on a number of sites all https. What you will find is that ad-sense is now prioritizing mobile friendly sites.
    I found that after installing new osC I had to make a number of small changes to make google happy with site before it would start showing ads.
    Simply use chrome browser dev tool to review your site and remove all issues it finds. You should then find that ads will just start working.
    Also check your site on mobile device and see if ad’s are showing. I found they appeared mobile devices first.
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    Dennisra reacted to hungryfrank in Ebay manager   
    you have to add the images in your osc shop first. i have assumed that you have your products  ready in Osc 
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    Dennisra reacted to Omar_one in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    New update  just clean the code  Special Products Content Module(BS)
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    Dennisra reacted to Omar_one in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    @Dennisra  the specials.php file no  need for it anymore.
    Do you still have this code in the index.php. 
    <?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'specials.php'); ?> If it is there remove it from there ..
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    Dennisra reacted to Omar_one in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    @burt   @Dennisra @frankl 
    I didn't find the old files so I create new one    Special Products Content Module(BS) 
    and it working well
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    Dennisra reacted to burt in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    You can't use 3 years old blog post exactly...codebase has changed so much since then...and the index page is now modular...so your specials thing needs to be a module.
    Take the idea of that blog post, but not the code.
    You need to make a module.  A module consists of (usually) three files;
    the module itself
    the modules template file
    the modules language file

    So, take the new products module as a base...and by trial and error learn some code from it. 
    It's important that all shopowners know enough code to be dangerous...
    You need to copy each.  Rename each.  Open each, change each appropriately. 
    Save, upload, install.  Forget.
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    Dennisra reacted to Omar_one in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    @burt  a few months ago  I tried to make it as module and it was shown well but there was no price its show 0
    I will see is I still have the files and post it here if some one can fix it

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    Dennisra reacted to frankl in Add Specials to main page (index.php)   
    It would be simple to copy the new products module but have it show specials instead. Have a go, if you get stuck I can help.
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    Dennisra reacted to Jack_mcs in [CONTRIBUTION] Google XML Sitemap Feed - by Chemo   
    Hmm, I don't know how I got that confused. For this contribution you need to use the alternate setting.
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    Dennisra reacted to Jayman11 in NOTICE: USPS is Updating Their APIs Jan. 27th, 2013-Test Servers Available Now.   
    Just as I figured, the First-Class Intl dropped off of the choices on my site this morning because of the name change. Easy fix....change 'First-Class Mail International Parcel**' to 'First-Class Package International Service**' in the includes/modules/shipping/usps.php. The only bad thing is, international rates skyrocketed. For Example, it was costing me $5.75 to ship 1lb into Canada and my cost is now $9.50. I thought it was calculating wrong when it started pulling those rates in the module but I checked my postal software and indeed they did go up that much. There goes my international business.
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    Dennisra reacted to mrbyte in Manually processing CC - Split Credit Card E-Mail Address not working   
    You're right, no matter how hard I try to fix you, you're still stupid, Dunweb.
    I have the PCI spec in front of me, and 3.2 in it's entirety says:
    3.2 Do not store sensitive data after authorization, even if encrypted. Sensitive data includes the data as cited in following Requirements 3.2.1 through 3.2.3
    Now, do I need to continue, or are we all following along. Good. Note the note that says sensitive data may be stored if there is a business justification and it is stored securely?
    Is it because you make so much money misinterpreting the standards? Or is it really just an inability to read, comprehend and understand basic English and how outlines and such work?
    Either way, you are a profiteering blowhard.
    As far as "Turning me in" go ahead. Good luck with that...
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    Dennisra got a reaction from mrbyte in Manually processing CC - Split Credit Card E-Mail Address not working   
    Well said and thank you!!
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    Dennisra reacted to satish in an error happened when the purchase checkout by paypal or credit card   
    in application_top.php
    error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);
    replace with
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    Dennisra reacted to satish in Paypal Order Emails Not Being Sent   
    Which Paypal module You are using.
    First and foremost make sure IPN is set on in Your Paypal profile and IPNs are reaching Your site.
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    Dennisra reacted to satish in Oscommerce with paypal integration HELP NEEDED...   
    You just need to enable the module and configure for the Zone it should be applicable or set Zone to none.
    On the checkout payment page it will be there as an option.
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    Dennisra reacted to satish in PayPal Payments Pro (US) - "Security header is not valid"   
    As You were using the sandbox account is Your certificate also the one that was issued/generated thru sandbox.
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    Dennisra reacted to satish in Issues with Transactions Completing   
    but once they get to paypal it says the transaction was not completed or
    but once they get back to site from paypal it says the transaction was not completed.
    This needs to be cleared.
    If You have also paste the screen shot of what gets displaed will make things more clear.
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    Dennisra reacted to sarafina in Official PayPal IPN Support Thread   
    Ok I finally got it working. Can anybody tell me where can I customize the emails that are sent out?
    The order process emails that customer gets..
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    Dennisra got a reaction from dailce in InternetSecure MerchantLink   
    Anyone who has this integrated with the add-on Reward Bonus Points add-on please contact me by private message.