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  1. samu33

    [Contribution] Option Types v2

    Hello community from BORDEAUX France, Forgive my bad english, We have a website since 2005, which offers its customers a personalized items with text and pictures. It is satisfying with MS2.2 file_upload + .7 + 1.5 + Option_Type_Feature OrderCheck_v2.5.1. and I enjoyed to improve this site. The transition to php 5.3, brings a radical change by our host. I try to update osc version 2.2 with php 5.3, but it is very heavy and errors occur with contributions. I decided to start with the new config osc 2.3.1 (via the forum France) and option_type_2.3.1. I install virgin and brings the contents of drop-on-top files I have a problem behavior in the admin here are the images of defects that I can not be corrected, I do not understand, in addition to the 1st test, the basket does not fill these problems are already raised on beginning of this forum, but after a few corrections, it still does not my knowledge of php are starting to experience and I'm stuck ...... what could I forget?? Thank you for your tracks and your experiences I can provide the address of the website during test application cordially Samuel
  2. hello all from France, I adopted since 2006 this great contribution that runs on www.agdaphoto.com. Today I have difficulties to adapt with php 5.3 and worries to function properly the photo no longer being tested on a mirror site. I'm looking for your experience with the update php-5.3 and version 6 soon to read your comments samuel