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  1. Hello, How can i have the subcategory or product link as follows (not - but /): For product: www.hobievi.com/<top category>/<product name>.html Subcategory: www.hobievi.com/<top category/<category>.html
  2. Is there an add on to do something similar for OSC 2.3.1.?
  3. Hello. My emails now go with Phpmailer with iso-8859-9 (Turkish), w/o any problems w characters. But now I have installed Mailbeez and trying birthday module, but somehow mail subject and content is encoded in UTF-8; which is not properly displaying Turkish chars. 1) under templates, char is set to iso-8859-9 2) i also found a file mailbeez.class.phpmailer.php and set public $CharSet = 'iso-8859-9'; so how to get rid of UTF-8 encoding and replace it by 8859-9?
  4. Hello. Maybe its already asked but i couldnt find the answer. Once SEO is installed, do my old conventional links die completely? I have several links given by other people in blogs, forums; even google search results are linked conventionally.
  5. hobievi

    Gift Wrap

    Hello. Can you help me to correctly display gift card message in UTF-8 in checkout_confirmation?
  6. hobievi

    Newsletters & Subscribers OSC 2.3

    I have around 8000 customers and 15000 newsletter subscribers (including customers). When i try to update my subscribers table with "Update of the table of the Subscribers" (newsletter_update.php); i get INTERNAL SERVER ERROR after around 30 seconds. This is most probably timeout? How to prevent it? I am not the hosting server owner.
  7. hobievi

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Now it works. Thanks. Is it possible to put pricing and product title into the scroller?
  8. hobievi

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    File is there. Also when i check featured module in front-page, drop down lists are there (Featured Product #1, 2....). However, they are missing under Scroller module :( I also revised the code as below to give a try, still right column doesnt have the Scroller products function keys() { $keys = array (); $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_SORT_ORDER'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_STATUS'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_MODULE_HEIGHT'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_IMAGE_PADDING'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_AUTOSCROLL'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_AUTOSCROLL_DIRECTION'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_HOTSPOTS_VISIBLE'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_HOTSPOTS_VISIBLE_TIME'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_AUTOSCROLL_STEP'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_AUTOSCROLL_INTERVAL'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_MANUAL_SCROLL_STEP'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_MANUAL_SCROLL_INTERVAL'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_MOUSEDOWN_SPEED'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_MAX_DISPLAY'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_PRODUCTS_TYPE'; $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_PRODUCTS_ORDER'; for ($id = 1; $id <= 10; $id++) { $keys[] = 'MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_SCROLLER_PRODUCT_' . $id; } return $keys; } What can i check more?
  9. hobievi

    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hello. In admin-> scroller module, i choose Featured but still i don't see "Scroller Product #n." drop down lists in the right side edit menu to choose featured products as instructed in the guide? Thanks. Yavuz