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  1. Scottlouie

    Product listing

    @@videod You may or may not be interested in this - A common concern is using file permissions of 777. HostGator does not allow 777 on files which process server-side (i.e. PHP). However, many scripts require you to change your files to 777. I can tell you that 755 will work in lieu of 777. You will not need to use 777 on PHP files or folders. http://support.hostgator.com/articles/cpanel/how-to-change-permissions-chmod-of-a-file
  2. Just wanted to ask the question - is there is any problem installing into the latest osc2.3.3 ? I hope not - it's just what I need Better to ask first than be sorry later
  3. Scottlouie

    OSC 2.3.1 - CKEditor not showing.

    I finally got ckeditor to install by opting for an earlier version of OSC. NOT IMPRESSED WITH WHAT I GOT - TOTALLY OVER RATED am writing this whilst I remove ckeditor going to have a go with Whizzywig am just wondering what this editor is I am using here ?
  4. Scottlouie

    OSC 2.3.1 - CKEditor not showing.

    I honestly hoped and prayed that I had finally found the answer to my prayers - 4 days so far on this simple 10 minute job - alas the clock is still running - Guaranteed it's something so simple that I am or am not doing - BUT WHAT ? Things have actually taken a turn for the better- I do have at least the text area covered in html now - did see a thread about that somewhere ? But where ? Why is it there are so many different supposed solutions out there - Surely there is only ONE right way ? Having said that - there is more than one way to skin a cat !