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  1. Thanks Chris. I removed the Checkout button from the catalog/shopping_cart.php file. I prefer my customers to pay, then fill out an account. TJ @britchops
  2. britchops

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Good point. I'll consider this. Thanks TJ
  3. Why the need to create an OSC account BEFORE going to Paypal with PayPal Express if Paypal/OSC will create that account after payment in PayPal? Wouldn't this just create lots of unfinished payments?? Seems to me that the Checkout button above the Paypal button is unnecessary...please explain (I go live next week). Thanks TJ @britchops
  4. britchops

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Thanks Steve. In the end, I went for the main text in the index.php page as this only shows on the one intro page. Works fine for me. Cheers TJ
  5. britchops

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Hi Steve I have prepared a cookie statement for the footer of the index page (only if preferable). Could you show me where I should place it in the code? I don't want to mess up the existing code. Thanks TJ
  6. britchops

    Europe Cookie Laws

    Session cookies are ok, though. Yes? It's just tracking cookies that are the aim of the new law as used by Google Analytics and Adsense. Yes? TJ
  7. britchops

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    My host tech has set download to 644 and pub to 755. I have set download by redirect to false as i am on a Linux server. i trust this is all good... britchops
  8. britchops

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Hi Bill Thanks for the step by step. I have a couple of points: 1) Do I need to upload the zip file to the pub folder as well as the download folder? What is the role of the pub folder? 2) Why do the permissions need to be 777 and 755 - my support tech says this is unsafe and has set download file to 644 and pub to 755. Thanks for your time. britchops