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  1. The software is fully bilingual, so that should not be a problem. The problem is: how do we reach the 10.000 oscommerce shop owners? If every 10th is interested, and every 10th of them is able to do some IT editing, that would be 100 shop owners - what is enough for the moment, even the Germans among them would be enough for the moment. Do they stop by in this forum, or is there a kind of marketplace for enhancements of oscommerce? Cheers, Bernd Borchert
  2. Hi judge, actually, the instructions are in english http://www.ekaay.com/integration/oscommerce.php so, this is not the problem. How to reach the shop owners? Bernd
  3. I changed the addresse for the instructions: http://www.ekaay.com/integration/oscommerce.php Here is a oscommerce demo system - with eKaay integrated http://www.ekaay.com/integration/oscommerce/oscommerce-2.3.3/catalog/ I was hoping that oscommerce shop owners would be interested in eKaay - but I didnt get any email yet. What can I do? Is there somewhere a place to present new add-on's? What about a "formal" add-on? would it help to find shop owners? how do I find an oscommerce expert to produce that add-on? Bernd Borchert
  4. Hi Chris, here is a short instruction for the integration of ekaay into oscommerce: http://www.ekaay.com/extensions/oscommerce.php and yes, the changes within oscommerce are of course only the interfaces, ekaay itself comes as an SDK with around 3000 lines of code. Bernd Borchert I'm actually blind not to see the sign-in button ...
  5. Thanks for the hint. But I dont have a formal add-on yet. I just know how to edit the files in oscommerce, actually these just the files login.php and account_edit.php, a few lines each. Is it a big deal to make a formal add-on from this? i dont wanna become an oscommerce expert ... Cheers, Bernd Borchert just as remark: it looked 5 minutes for a link to the log-in page into this forum. Finally i found a log-in via the account activation mail I got. Where is the link to the login-page of this forum? Am I blind? does my opera browser hide it?
  6. We are a spin-off company of the University of Tuebingen, Germany. We developped a software for servers to let their users log in at any PC via their smartphone - instead of password. This way the user does not need to memorize the password neither the username, neither does he have to type them - the smartphone does the job. On our homepage it is shown how the new method works from a user perspective http://www.ekaay.com?lang=en You will find more information there, including demo videos and online demos. For more details concerning the benefits for online shops see http://www.ekaay.com/benefits/?lang=en We integrated the method into an oscommerce Test Shop (version 2.3.3) http://www.ekaay.com/extensions/oscommerce/catalog/login.php We are looking for small or large shops who would like to integrate ekaay as an additional login method for the users. The integration will not take more than 1 or 2 hours. Please contact us in case you are interested. Cheers, eKaay Team (written by Bernd Borchert)