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  1. Also with gifs horizontal bands compress well (Like a blue sky) but vertical bands do not (say blue ot white left to right). PNG has addressed this issue ( I think ) Sorry a bit off topic.
  2. I thought GIF was patented, which means all developers have to pay a licensing fee ? Thats why people have gone towards .PNG (which also supports transparency and higher bit depths. ) ?
  3. WOW: Thats it - simple as far as web browsing at work....one of my friends sends about 150 txt messages per day. I used to be new at using txt now can almost match my typing rate just responding to his messages! So instead of blocking web access, they should take away his mobile (James I hope you dont read this!)
  4. The reason for all these files around the net ? When a company produces a brochure/catalog/product info they also put these files on their website (as many design apps can export to .PDF) It saves them money- they dont need to hire a web developer/designer. But these brochureware sites are not very usable and dont make use of the web's strengths ( interaction & dynamics audio/video ) .
  5. Valid points. The thing about .PDF is you could view it on anything which handles the format and retain the structure of the original document. With the web (html ) we have Different Browsers (I.E. Mozilla Opera ) Platforms: PC , Apple MAC , Unix Operating Systems: win95 /98 / Linux / Os Printers: Lasers /inkjet OK, lets focus. Quite a few people would have difficulty cut and pasting a URL in an email to someone. Also people who are not at ease with shopping on the net (newbies) would welcome an email from a friend with a particular products details. (A few friends of mine only have email access, web browsing is not allowed at their work place ). So if I see a TV I think a friend would like I can email him and he can read the details . Then when he gets home he could look at the website . Also when you click on a PDF link in your browser, the page does come up. But the only option is to print it. The Save As is greyed out (this is what normally happens on other sites ...not sure with your contrib) To save it locally we have to right click Save As, . Emailing the PDF This is only useful if the PDF file is small (I'd say less than 50K unless you have a fast internet connection). Just my thoughts !
  6. I think whats really necessary for the PDF sheet make is the ability to email the PDF to someone (or yourself). Theres no point in viewing a PDF in the browser (because we could have viewed the item in a normally browser). We are ok right-clicking and using Save As (as we're technically minded). But ideally the PDF option cna be used for emailing /printing /downloading. Just my thoughts. What do you think ?
  7. Hi, I tried this contribution and got an error ! Basically one of the included .php files is missing a few lines of code at the end (before the ////short description hack begins) My OSC machine is not in front of me at the moment. So maybe someone could paste the required lines of code and the filename. You can do a file compare and spot the missing bits from the orginal .php file and the one included . Just thought I'd share this with all !
  8. Hi all, I've been using OSC for about one week and am really enjoying it ! Would it not be useful for website users (read those on dial-up ;) if the filesize of the contributions was indicated next to the name ? Also since most people are used to large files , the size should be given in K or MB rounded . 700K rather than 693,022 I believe it would be easier on the eye ! Also as web interfaces should give users a familiar experience (which makes them easy to use), why not have an extensions link on the main page which links to the contributions ? Since contributions sound like additions made by users rather than core members (who we expect to write great plug-ins ) Although some non-team members will write great contributions ! so plug-ins = extensions = osc contributions maybe a box on the home page with the following text: Plug-ins [/size] Extend the functionality of OSCommerce . Browse the contributions made by both developers and users of OSCommerce. Click here to visit the contributions page Regards, Ramesh