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  1. vacatlady

    bmp images for products

    Just try using all lowercase for your .jpg images. And make sure you have converted your .bmp into .jpg or use .png. Make sure you resize and compress images so that they are not huge files before you upload. as someone said, you may be exceeding your size limit for your server uploads
  2. vacatlady

    Authorize.net Payment Gateway

    I finally gave up on the wp plug in and am back to straight Os cOMMERCE. Got authorize.net set up now my problem is trying to get it to work with Stamps.com. I have been talking to their support people for days and they have no ideas!! I have followed their directions for putting in task access code, edited the php files and put them on the server. But for some reason it doesn't recognize it. GRRRR...
  3. vacatlady

    Authorize.net Payment Gateway

    Hello, I am totally new to OS Commerce and I am ready to pull my hair out trying to get this going. I am using the WP plugin for the store, however, there is no authorize.net payment gateway to select as I set up the account. I have an authorize.net account with all the information needed, but they could not help me with the problem. Can someone out there please tell me where I can get the payment gateway to add into the WP plug in? PLEASE :-) Thanks so much